Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth

Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth

Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth - The demise of Zephyrite Master of Peace and the hasty exit of Caithe who took along Glint’s egg have resulted to a lot of questions with hanging answers. What would be the reason behind Caithe’s decision to take Glint’s egg?

And of course, how will you catch the thief? These are just some of the interesting things that players would need to find out when playing the Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth.

As soon as you are done with the Seeds of Truth, you should then be ready to display your tactical mastery as being one of the brave heroes of Tyria by simply completing an exciting, challenging and episode related achievements.


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Rewards and Achievements

With this new edition of the Guild Wars, you will have to continue collecting Carapace as well as Luminescent armor along with a new addition of light, medium and heavy boots, and a leg armor as well. You could also earn Carapace leg armor and this can be possible by completing the storyline of the Seeds of Truth.

There will be an option to purchase extra pieces of Carapace leg armor using bandit crests. You will find Carapace boots right in the Lost Bandit Chests. In addition, players who get to receive a Boot Requisition Order on the Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth could possibly purchase boot pieces in exchange of bandit crests. If that ain’t enough, legendary items are available here.

Recipes can also be acquired which you can use to craft an ascended sinister armor and weapons.

Named from Verata, the fabled necromancer, the inscription as well as the insignia recipes can be bought in exchange of bandit crests. As for the recipes for the armor and weapons, they can be found in the recipe books that are in the Lost Bandit Chests all throughout the Silverwastes.

Moreover, you will find lots of new and exciting treasures on the Lost Bandit Chests.

If you can locate the Essence of Time, you will be able to build new focus, which is the Eternal Sands, and this is through the Mystic Forge. There are also Endless Mordrem Thrashers as well as Mini Mordrem Thrashers that you will find.

Those who are collecting Bandit crest will also enjoy a lot of new offerings and some of these are the Mordrem Fang Extraction Device, Endless Mordrem Husk Tonic, Mini Mordrem Husk and Bag of Rare Gear.


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New Features and Content

Just to give you an idea on the new features and content available for Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth, refer below:

Arenas – both the Team and Solo Arena were merged to Ranked Arena. With this, party with any size can now take a queue and this will also include solo players.

The player statistics of both teams were combined in order to come up with Ranked Arena stats. The stats for the Legacy Team as well as that of the Solo Arena can now be viewed through the PvP panel and all of the rewards remain the same.

In addition, Unranked Arena has now been added and the rewards are pretty much the same as that of the Ranked Arena. All maps will be available for play in both the Ranked and Unranked Arena.

Matchmaking and Leaderboards – the Matchmaking will consider other parameters aside from the matchmaking rating and this includes the largest group size as well as the team composition. The Leaderboards will no longer be making use of the MMR as the basis.

The player will instead earn ladder points in accordance to the quality of the matches that they take part in.

Match Accept – both the ranked and unranked arena matches will now ask players to accept the match right before it starts. There will be an alert sound that will be played as soon as the match is ready.

Those who will decline or fail to accept the match prompt within the time set will make the players accumulate dishonor and they will be prevented from queuing within a short time period.


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Map Selection

When it comes to the map selection of the Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth, players can now vote for the map that they want to play in, right after they accept the match prompt. There will be a list of selectable maps that will be randomly generated and the final map will be chosen through a weighted poll.

Remember that the more map is selected by the players, the higher the chance that such map will be picked.


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Declining or not accepting the match prompt for either the Unranked Arena or the Ranked Arena will lead to a dishonor as well as a timeout. Disconnecting the match at any time and during the Ranked Arena or Unranked Game will also lead to a timeout and dishonor.

Players should go on with the game through reconnect. If a dishonor will be given, there will also be an immediate timeout that will be applied.

During timeout, the Unranked and Ranked arena will be unavailable and the timeout duration will increase as dishonor will be accumulated through an account.


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Living Memories

Knowing where Caithe have gone on the Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth will now require an understanding on where she has come from. With the help of the Pale Tree, you will be able to retrace the path that Caithe has taken and you will learn more about the early memories of Sylvari and at the same time, uncover other crucial information.


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The Silverwastes

The secrets of the Silverwastes will continuously be uncovered on the Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth. On this new edition of the game, you will have to help out the local population of skritt as well as gain access to their tunnels allowing you to travel faster on the various areas of the map. You can also test yourself in a match against the Drydock Scratch puzzle.

On this puzzle, the skritt pirates are assembling a ship that is right underneath the Silverwastes.

As you go on and explore the Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth, make sure to save up on your resources or obtain them instantly, so you can collect the Carapace as well as the boots and pants pieces of the Luminescent armor set.


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