Guild Wars 2 Halloween

Guild Wars 2 Halloween

Guild Wars 2 Halloween event has begun and thousands of players are looking forward to get their hands on Halloween goodies and skins for their characters at the Gem store.

Guild Wars is one of the most popular RPG series that was developed by the ArenaNet, published by NCsoft. Unlike other role playing games, the Guild Wars focuses more on player versus player (PvP), and thus, it is being dubbed as a competitive online RPG.

The game comes with two main modes of gameplay and one is the cooperative role playing component while another is the competitive P v P component. Both of these game modes are hosted on the server or ArenaNet.

The three standalone episodes which include one major expansion pack as well as several mini expansions has been released for the series from April of 2005 up to April 2013.


guild wars 2 shadow of the mad king


The Guild Wars 2

Because of the success of the first Guild Wars, the developers of the game have decided to release a second sequel, the Guild Wars 2. This sequel is a multiplayer online RPG that was set within the fantasy world of Tyria.

The game was patterned on the emergence of the Destiny’s Edge, which is a disbanded guild that is dedicated into fighting against the Elder Dragons. These are the species that have seized control of the Tyria world on the first sequel of the game.

For this second sequel of the Guild Wars, the game took place in a persistent world that features a story which progresses on an instanced environment.

The Guild Wars 2 is known for its unique genre, which features a storyline that is known for being responsive to the player’s actions. This is one attribute that is common among single RPGs but are rarely seen among multiplayer games.

The traditional questing has been replaced by a dynamic event system that makes use of the ripple effect in allowing players to approach quests in various ways as being part of a persistent world.

guild wars 2 halloween

Guild Wars 2 Halloween

Now that the month of November is approaching, players of the Guild Wars 2 will be treated to exciting Halloween outfits for characters, as well as minis and finishers which can be obtained from the Black Lion Trading Company, where the game’s gem store is found. Gems can be traded with gold through the currency exchange tab.

Since Halloween is only once a year, if you are in need of gold, get the gold from the games marketplace. But before you get too excited, read the following first in order to find out more about these Halloween treats.

Noble Count Outfit – New Noble Count Outfit to add a touch of class to any situation.

Raiment of the Lich – the Black Lion Trading Company of the Guild Wars is happy to present the ultimate vintage couture, the Raiment of the Lich. So if you want to partake in the latest fashion statement in the fantasy world of Tyria, grab this outfit now.

Creepy Mini 3-Pack – to commemorate the Halloween, the Black Lion Trading Company offers a spooky mini bundle in the form of the Creepy Mini 3-Pack. This pack consists of the Mini Candy Corn Skritt, Mini Mad King Head and the Mini Glowing Bat.

Halloween Finishers –  in order to enjoy the spirit of the Halloween season even more, take part on the Player versus Player and World versus World games with Guild War’s Halloween themed Scarecrow finishers and Mad King.

•  Foil-Wrapped Candy – Random Experience, Armor, Speed, Strength, Rejuvenation, Karma, or Killstreak boost. Can be gifted to other players.

Halloween Weapons – For a limited time, Halloween weapons will cost just two Black Lion Claim Tickets apiece.

Trick-or-Treat Bags – Bonus goodies every time you open a Black Lion Chest.

guild wars 2 halloween treats

Gem Store Interface

Remember that you cannot enjoy any of the Halloween treats from the Guild Wars 2 without the gems. The gems will serve as the money that you will use to purchase the Halloween treats.

The gem store is accessible through the tab that says “Gem Store” which you can find right within the panel of the Black Lion Trading Company.

All in all, the gem store has a total of eight tabs and is categorized on the different items that you can purchase from the store. The number of gems that are currently available will be displayed on the top left portion which is next to the Home tab, right along the “Buy Gems” and the “Redeem Code” options.

Here are the eight tabs that you will find on the gem store interface.

•  Home – this is where you will find information on the latest sales, items, as well as other important information about the gem store. The latest items are often displayed right at the bottom left.

There will also be a list of the recently purchased items that can be found on the right hand section and this will also include a quick purchase option.

•  Promotions – this is a two column panel that will list the current items offered on sale and those items that were recently introduced. In the event that the sale will end soon, a timer will be displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen.

•  Style – the different styles will be featured on this tab, such as the Aetherblade Heavy, Ancestral Outfit, Braham’s Heavy Armor Skin, Covert Charr Backpack Set, and many more. It also includes descriptions of each item as well as price.

•  Special – this features the different specials being offered on the store including the different game packs, etc.

•  Services – these are the services that you can purchase from the gem store.

•  Boosts – the different boosts that you can purchase which you can use for your game will be featured on this tab.

•  Toys – the tab lists down the various toys that you can purchase for the Guild Wars 2.

•  Upgrades – these are the upgrades that you can take full advantage of, although you have to be wary of some bugs that you could encounter.

guild wars 2 black lion trading company

Black Lion Trading Company

The gem store of the Guild Wars 2 is where the gamers will be able to purchase several items that can help to make their game to become even more exciting.

The store can be accessed by means of the Black Lion Trading Company and most of the items that you will obtain from the store will immediately delivered through the mail.

The Black Lion Trading Company also allows players to purchase gold and stock up a lot of them to be used for the game. The store is where they can also exchange the gold for gems and these gems can be used to purchase the exciting Halloween in-game items as mentioned above. Replenish your gold by getting them from the games marketplace should you ever need it.

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