Gold farming with new account or buy leveled toon? Which is better?

Gold farming with new account or buy leveled toon? Which is better?

There are only a handful of things that are worse than having your healers connection drop and then disappear in the middle of a dungeon crawl – but the number one topper on that list would have to be grinding for hours and hours as a lowdown, dirty, good for nothing gold farmer.

But we’ve all done it – and will all continue to do it, just because of how valuable a building bank account is in most MMORPGs out there.

Gold is always going to be important in these games, and they’re already only two ways to go about getting it.

You can either start an account from the ground up and use one of your character slots to create a little gold farmer, spending hours and hours slaving away to get that coin – or you can “jump the gun” and buy a leveled account and maybe have to deal with all of the headaches and hassles that come with that.

Hopefully by the time you’re done with this quick guide you’ll know exactly which avenue is right for you.

Let’s dive right in!


Understanding the good old gold farmer

Regardless of which MMORPG you’re playing, the gold farmer is going to be a critical part of your experience – even if you don’t know it yet.

Gold farming has been going on ever since those glory days of Ultima Online, and there are literally thousands and thousands of people that are playing World of Warcraft just to build up and grind characters that they can flip for cold hard cash so that others can make digital gold in a digital world.

Every single time we refer to the gold farmer throughout this article, just think of a character that has absolutely no use whatsoever to you, your gameplay, or your overall experience other than farming out that critical resource and then depositing it into the accounts of your main characters.

Also sometimes referred to as a mule, your gold farmer is usually going to carry a pretty derogatory avatar name – at least if you hold with gold farming tradition!

See also: Golf farming as a legitimate income source


Should you set up a new account? Or just buy one already fully loaded?

Now that you understand the gold farmer and their place in the digital landscape, it’s important to try and figure out whether or not you want to spend hours slaving away on a new account to create a gold farmer from the ground up or just jump into their skin by purchasing an already leveled account.

Each approach has its pros and cons, and will break down the critical details you need to make the right decision below!


Going against the world with a mallet?

New Game Account

Complete control from the start

When you decide to start your own game account, you’re going to be able to control absolutely everything about that character from day one. You can name it, you can choose its race, the skills that you’ll use, and a specific approach to gold farming that you’ll take – options that you may not have when you buy a leveled account.


Won’t be flagged by overzealous mods

Secondly, you’ll never have to worry about getting flagged (and potentially banned) by overzealous mods and game rule enforcers because you are using a new IP address for an already established account. There’s nothing worse than dropping real money on an account only to have it ripped away from you shortly after with no recourse.


Fold up shop and rinse and repeat since you control the details

Next, you’ll be able to fold up shop on a gold farmer at the drop of a hat and when he/she has outlived their usefulness – and then rinse and repeat the process as necessary whenever you feel like it.


Way, wayyyyy cheaper than buying an established account

Obviously, creating your own character is going to be almost ridiculously cheaper than buying an established account. This is doubly true if you expect to buy a gold farming account that is already stacked with chips in their bank account.



On the flipside, you’re going to have to spend hours of grinding away at menial skills to build up your new gold farmer levels – and most people just don’t have time or the patience to deal with that.

Seriously, why would you want to waste your life grinding away when you could just throw some real-life cash at a gold farmer and enjoy the game as intended?


You get what you pay for.


Buy Leveled Toon

Forget the char, you’ve got gold baby!

When you decide to buy a game account, you’re basically purchasing the ability to get gold on demand and will not have any real attachment to that character.

Depending upon your style of gameplay at this will likely be a really big benefit, as you’ll focus on your main character (or characters) and forget entirely about this faceless creature doing your dirty work and making that money – but role players may really struggle with this direction.


No. More. Grinding…like ever

Secondly, you’ll never EVER have to worry about grinding again.

No more fighting low-level monsters just trying to build up some stupid melee skill. No more diving into new be dungeons knowing that the loot is going to be terrible ahead of time.

No more beating your head slowly against your desk as you wade your character out into a digital river hoping that the current will drown the pixels on the screen just because you know you are a wasting your life away instead of enjoying the game the way you expected.



On the flipside, you run the risk of purchasing a fraudulent account from some kind of scam or that takes your money (or even worse, your credit card information) and leaves you holding the bag – which certainly happens from time to time.

And even if you do purchase a legitimate account, you might end up getting hosed on the deal just because of the IP address issue that we spoke about above.


It’s all about how you want to play

Obviously, you’re going to want to take the gold farming approach that you feel work the best with your play style and the gold farming approach that you can afford either in time or real-life funds.

If you do decide to purchase an account specifically for gold farming, make sure that you buy it through a reliable and reputable source (like our own) so that you don’t end up blocking yourself in a real dungeon nightmare because of some unscrupulous scammers.

Good luck, God bless, and learn to love the gold farmer!

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