Gold farming: Sell and trade game gold safely

Gold farming: Sell and trade game gold safely

Look, let’s face it you are a über-nerd that plays massively multiplayer online role-playing games (mmorpg) until 4 a.m. while drinking Mountain Dew Code Red. You wear anime t-shirts and are still rocking the punk bracelet with the super mario level up mushroom on it.

There is nothing wrong with being this person as long as you accept who you are. In fact nerd culture is so pervasive in today’s society that it just isn’t cool anymore to play sports and have muscles.

Think comic book movies and the popularity of Call-of-Duty. That being said you may be flat out broke and it might be tough to pay for that new graphics card you always wanted when you don’t have a job.

Well why not use your services as an über-nerd and master of all thing mmorpg to make a little dough. We’re talking gold farming here. The Chinese do it so why can’t you?

Use your skills at video games to build up in game currency you can sell for real dollars or hypothetical crypto-currencies like Bitcoin or its redheaded stepchild Dogecoin.

However, bear with us here as we are suggesting that you should start farming for gold, but you’ll need to understand that there are some risks too in gold farming. In this article, we will cover the basics of gold farming and how not to get caught.



How to gold farm or rather how not to get caught

Like we said previously gold farming isn’t necessarily always looked upon as favorable by video game nazi’s. However, with some simple tips you can be a regular Solid Snake and prevent yourself from being caught.

There are lots of mmorpg’s out there, it isn’t all Everquest out there… o.k. dated reference. But it isn’t only Word of Warcraft (WoW) out there so there are plenty of opportunities to farm for gold and make some much needed moolah.

First and foremost when you set up an account don’t be a fool and set it up in your name. The point of farming is to sell these accounts for profit so by putting it in your name you make it nearly impossible to get rid of this thing. For many of these mmorpg type games you need to pay subscription service.

It may seem elitist by game developers to charge for a game you already spent $60 on to play but they do.

So being the digital nihilist that you are you need to figure out an alternative way to pay for such accounts without using a credit card.

This is fairly simple considering that even poor people and people with awful credit like to play video games. So, how do you get around without using credit cards it’s simple. You buy prepaid and reloadable game cards.

Simple enough since these aren’t as easily trackable and don’t require you to give out any sort of financial information.

Finally, the next step to not getting caught is to transfer gold using different computers. Your IP address can be tracked which is precisely why one is assigned to each computer.

We are trying to be Solid Snake here and not get caught. There are ways to change your IP address which may be one option, but to avoid the risk altogether, it is best to use different computers and multiple accounts.

This may be done using a friends computer, a separate computer you’ve purchased just for this purpose or going to one of these gamer sanctuaries that people pay to go to play all their favorite games.

There are lots of options and it is up to to figure out the best way to do this.



Why have multiple accounts for gold farming

Remember, we said you are trying not get caught here. Gold farming may seem a bit elaborate but you are doing it because it is a worthwhile enterprise that could potentially lucrative once you get the hang of it.

When you are gold farming, it is good to have multiple accounts set up in game that each have their own purpose. The accounts are as follows: 1. Main account for farming, 2. secondary account for storing, 3. third account for selling.

The reason for each account should appear obvious and it is basically structured this way to keep game developers off of your tail.

Also, it is helpful if these different accounts are not being used on the same PC since this will make it more difficult to be caught.

When running an auction for the farm gold you should keep it in a guild bank or keep it on a designated character. This way you can send small amounts here and there to different characters.


More tips for gold farming to avoid getting caught

Now we are going to blast through a few more pointers.

Make sure that you have a fast internet connection when doing gold farming. Also, if you have the option to do this from a university computer do so. Although, you are using a shared IP address it is harder to track one person among the hundreds or even thousands of people who use these computers.

Level up your characters. Transferring gold to characters and players who are only at level 1 look suspicious. Try to be around level 30 or 40.

Sell goal in person on the game. Don’t transfer it through the games mail. Find a location and move it directly.

You can also sell the gold directly to websites like us which will help to remove some of the risk of gold farming.

Also, it should be fairly obvious since it is general economics but make sure that the gold sold is going to offset whatever costs it took to farm it. You should always be making a profit.

This is mostly in case of a ban for a certain account. There is always the option to start fresh again so you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste.

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