Gear Up For Blade & Soul’s Upcoming Expansion

Gear Up For Blade & Soul’s Upcoming Expansion

Blade & Soul players rejoice – a new expansion is coming. Players in the U.S. and Europe may be surprised by the news (the game was just released in January in the West), but players in Korea have been waiting since 2012 for an expansion. NCSOFT announced the Silverfrost Mountains expansion, and it is going to be epic.

If you’re a Blade & Soul farmer, it’s time to start gearing up for the new release – today, March 23.

What’s included with the expansion?

silverfrost mountain

An Inside Look at the Silverfrost Mountains Expansion

The expansion kicks off with you, the player, pursuing Jinsoyun across a new, massive region. That region, as you may have guessed, is known as Silverfrost Mountains. The Act IV storyline unfolds as you set out to avenge your master.

There’s a lot to look forward to with this expansion, whether you’re just an avid player or a farmer.

  • Two 24-player zones
  • Harvest Square server event
  • New capital city
  • Level 50 cap
  • Hongmoon level 10
  • Tons of new dungeons
  • New Soulstone Plains
  • Updated Clan crafting

The Silverfrost Mountains are – you guessed – cold and snowy. But you’ll also find Primeval Forests in the region, and Shiverstone Range’s icy peaks are a marvel as you travel through the zone.

blade & soul

New Capital City Zaiwei

The new capital Zaiwei is a mountain city, and will serve as your home as you progress through the expansion’s robust storyline. It’s a social center. It’s a crafting workshop. It’s your go-to place for pretty much all activities in Silverfrost Mountains.

The visuals are impressive, with gold-leafed rooftops and intricately detailed interiors.

If you plan on selling services in the new expansion, Zaiwei is where you’ll want to be.

frozen fang

Dungeons, 24-Player Zones and Server Event

NCSOFT has added eight new dungeons to the expansion. Five are expert, and three are heroic. Both 4- and 6-player versions are available.
Avalanche Den, The Awakened Necropolis and the Lair of the Frozen Fang – the three heroic dungeons – take the challenge to the next level as you continue on your quest for revenge against Jinsoyun.

While we don’t know much about the five new expert dungeons, some details have been released on the heroic dungeons.

awakened necropolis

Awakened Necropolis
There’s a demon invasion sealed inside the city walls, but these vile forces won’t stay put for long. It’s up to you and your party to stop the demons from breaking through the blockade and help the Soul Wardens regain control of the city.

You’ll face the Unholy Jiangshi Demon before splitting up to simultaneously defend waves of demons coming from the Demonseal Cores. If you can make it past the hordes, you’ll enter the Necropolis to fight the Scorpion Queen.

lair of the frozen

Lair of the Frozen Fang
The Jomu, a tribe of savage monsters, live in the northern region of the Silverfrost Mountains. They prey on humans, whom they kidnap and turn into slaves or blood sacrifices. The Jomu are trying to escape their frozen prison, and they’re empowering snakes to make it happen.

You’ll fight two bosses first: Jarakhan and Godem the Fist. Court Lady Sa comes next, and then Chuchu. Chuchu summons miniature yetis throughout the fight. Tetralisk Queen and the Bladescale Naga King are the final bosses in this challenging dungeon.

avalanche den

Avalanche Den
Avalanche Den pits you up against the Angler Yeti, who uses illusions to lure in his victims. In this dungeon, you’ll be doing more than just fighting bosses – you’ll be overcoming obstacles. Be prepared to dodge giant snowballs and avoid cavern fungus. If you don’t get knocked down or grabbed by the giant snowballs, you’ll make it to the Mighty Chubarro. And you’ll need to use those snowballs to knock him down.

The final boss is the Angler Yeti, and he’ll do everything in his power to stop you.

Beastbog and Frostscale Basin are the two new 24-player zones, and you’ll find swarms of monsters and bosses here.

A new server event will also be added, called Grand Harvest Square, where players stand together to protect the zone from a never-ending swarm of attackers.

There are lots of opportunities here to boost your services and farm for items or currency.

soulstone plains

New PvP Zone

If PvP is more your style, you’ll love the Soulstone Plains, a new world PvP zone. Players fight for either the Cerulean Order or the Crimson Legion. The goal is to protect your mining operations from hordes of enemies from the opposing faction.

There are plenty of Moonstones and Soulstones to be had, so brush up on your PvP skills, and if you haven’t already, add this boosting service to your offerings.

Updated Clan Crafting

Clan crafting has been updated and new weapon upgrades have been added to Silverfrost Mountains.

Increasing your Clan level will unlock Clan Crafting, where you can create new items, potions and a custom outfit for your Clan.

Weapon and accessory progression continues with the new expansion as well, but there’s some good news for both new and old players. If you’ve already upgraded your weapons using endgame materials, you’ll skip ahead. If you’ve yet to progress to the endgame, you’ll move directly to the new system.

blade & soul

Level 50 Cap and Hongmoon Level 10

The level cap has been boosted to 50, and you can increase your Hongmoon level to 10. Every new level unlocks new skill points. You can unlock Hongmoon skills, too, that will help expand your skill tree.

Prepare for the Expansion

Silverfrost Mountains will be released on March 23, so you don’t have a whole lot of time to prepare for the expansion. And because it’s free to play, there’s no need to pre-order the expansion.

But you may want to consider buying a premium membership, which gives you extra XP and gold from quests. Premium memberships are pretty cheap ($11.99 per month), so if you’re serious, it may be worth the cost. The extra XP boost will help you reach the max level quickly, so you can start offering endgame services or items.

The Silverfrost Mountains expansion offers even more opportunities to expand your farming business and take advantage of the Blade & Soul hype. Don’t forget to stock up on gold, silver and pearls to prepare for the release.

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