Free Access to Eve Online Will Increase Game Accounts Demands

Free Access to Eve Online Will Increase Game Accounts Demands

Have you always wanted to play Eve Online? Millions of people that have been swept away by Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft, among many others MMOs, may have not wanted to plunk down more money for a subscription.

But now there is no excuse not to give the game a try and see what all the hype is about.

Eve Online has announced that users will be able to play the game for free. This is sure to bring the game back into the crosshairs of potential players that have always wanted to play Eve, but simply couldn’t justify yet another subscription they had to add to their monthly bills.

Eve Online Goes Free to Play, Shaking Up the Gaming Community

Eve has a reputation for being a great game, and maybe the company decided that it was time to try a free-to-play model. A lot of games have gone this route, and they’re all doing fairly well. But Eve may be the biggest game to go from a subscription model to a free to play model.

What does this mean for players?

Old and new players will be able to play for free. Paid players will be granted a different account type. Let’s take a look at what features will be available:

eve online clone states

  • Alpha Clone State: The Alpha clone state is one that is available to all players. This is the state that new players on the free accounts will receive. You’ll be able to still train and use a set of skills, and modules and essential weapons will be available. Alpha players, or those on the free accounts, will train at a reduced rate.
  • Omega Clone State: Subscription players will be able to use the Omega Clone State. this is a state that allows for unlimited skill access and will play like the normal game in terms of training at a normal speed.

Clone states will still allow every account to retain three character slots. Keep in mind that accounts that use PLEX, Skill Trading or Multiple Character Trading will be able to use services as normal.

Alpha, the free accounts, will play a little differently. Players will only be able to use ships of their respective faction, and they’ll have a limited set of skills and skill levels. You’ll be able to play Alpha’s freely and will start with 400,000 skill points. These players will have a maximum skill point limit of around 5 million, according to the company.

Omega players will be able to retain their advantage over their counterparts, and Alphas will still be able to enjoy the Eve experience.

Alphas will still be powerful and fun to play so that gamers will sign up for a new account. But they’re still gimped to an extent, which will cause many people to play and subscribe to be able to get an advantage.It’s a smart move by the company, and it will result in an uptick in subscribers in the long run.

A lot of unsubscribed accounts will be able to reenter the game and start off where they left off. Of course, a character that is in a situation not under the rules of an Alpha account will be transported to allow them to be played properly within their own restrictions.

eve online assets

Free to Play and Making Money

People will get hooked on Eve. The game is highly addicting, and the free to play option allows players to get their feet wet and start playing. We’ve seen it before with other games, and one thing is sure to happen: high-end accounts will sell for a ton.

Think of the mobile game craze and how it all works. People download and play these games because they have nothing to lose. And before they know it, they’re buying items to help them get the upper hand in the game. The same thing will happen in Eve Online.

Players will want to catch up to the competition, and this skyrockets demand.

What will buyers be looking for?

  • Supercarriers
  • High-end accounts
  • In-game items

Anything that will help a person get ahead in the game and catch up to leaders will be a hot item for sale.

Pricing for Current Items

We have the distinct advantage of having a large marketplace where we can compare items and accounts for sale to judge what the market may be when Eve Online does offer their free option.

Let’s take a look at the prices we’re seeing.

eve online capital ship

Items for Sale on Eve

  • Titan Ship: Titans are the largest ships in Eve. These ships can help support motherships, and they can even create portals. Months of training goes into the creation of these ships, and it takes a cool eight weeks to build the ship itself. We’re not even talking about all of the components needed to make the ship. This item is selling for $700.
  • Injector: An injector allows skill points to be applied. These injectors are being sold for $10 and are really easy to get.

eve online character

Accounts for Sale on Eve

Account sales are expected to rise drastically in the next few weeks, so if you have an account you want to sell that is collecting dust, now is a great time to put it on the market.

Eve Online has been in existence for 13 years, and the company doesn’t charge players for expansions. This niche Sci-Fi MMORPG has been able to stave off WoW and other competition with its niche presence.

The game will be on everyone’s must-play list this year, and the company will be rolling out the free to play option in November – the market will be hot at this time.

eve online war

So, if you want to get in on the game now and start selling items or stockpiling them for the gold rush, you have two months to get started.

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