Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward – are you prepared for it?

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward – are you prepared for it?

Final Fantasy XIV players rejoice: one of the world’s most popular MMOs will have the Heavensward expansion released on June 23, 2015. The expansion brings a lot of amazing advancements to the game as well as two new races:

final fantasy xiv races

  • Raen
  • Xaela

For players that have left the game, you’ll be happy to know that all levels and jobs have been increased to level 60. All new environments have been added, and the three new jobs are that very exciting:

ffxiv jobs

  • Dark Knight
  • Astrologian
  • Machinist

There are a lot of updates being offered in the expansion – including flying mounts – but if you’re a current player, you’re well aware of everything Heavensward brings to Final Fantasy XIV. Instead, you’ll want to start preparing for the expansion, so you can get ahead of the competition and start dominating the game as soon as possible.

How to Prepare for Heavensward

Every time an MMO has a major expansion, there is a lot that will change. You want to be as prepared as possible. What do you need to have?

final fantasy xiv


Your existing character needs to be leveled up to 60, and so do all of your current professions. This means you’ll want to have a lot of Gil available, so you can:

  • Buy materials
  • Buy armor and weapons

As a long-time player, I know that the best gear isn’t able to be purchased. Instead, you’ll need to run high-end dungeons to be able to get the best gear possible for your character. What I recommend is the following:

  • Level up to 60 and have fun – don’t rush
  • Start playing dungeons with your guild-mates
  • Gather the best gear possible

When you reach this point, it’s time to start selling your services. Players will pay a carrier – someone with amazing gear – to help them run dungeons. This great opportunity won’t last forever, so try to reach max level within the first few weeks of the expansion.


Crafting Materials

Materials – old and new – will be needed by crafters. Players want to be able to craft new armor and weapons as well as consumables and furniture, so you want to stock up on as much materials as possible.

Materials in the beginning of an expansion cost a lot of in-game currency, so use this time wisely.

  • Gather resources while leveling
  • Buy resources low and sell them high
  • Gather old resources

Players will want to be the new races, so they will level up alternate characters. These characters will purchase materials to level up their character’s professions. Materials of all levels will be needed, so start farming them now and hold onto them until the expansion is released.

There are several material types you’ll need to gather, but the ones that are easiest to farm come from professions:

  • Botanists can gather plants from all over Eorzea, and the raw materials gathered are used for alchemy, carpentry, weaving and cooking.
  • Miners are able to gather minerals or ore around the world. This raw material is ideal for blacksmithing and goldsmiths, so make sure you stock up on mining materials.
  • Fishers will gather raw materials for the culinary crafting class. Made for food, fishing materials will allow cooks to create food that gives their characters added stats and benefits. This is a necessity for dungeons and end-game content.

Materials from monster drops are very valuable, so make sure to farm monsters when you’re out gathering for extra Gil potential.

final fantasy xiv materia

Stock-up on Materia

Materia, not materials, should be collected. Players that have progressed through the game so far will have already completed the “Forging the Spirit” quest that allows you to create materia.

If you haven’t completed the quest, you’ll want to speak with “Swynbroes” located in Central Thanalan in Black Brush. This is a side quest, so you may have missed it along the way. Ultimately, this allows you to take the essence of old gear and turn it into material.

There are four different tiers of materia that produce different materials:

  • 15+ items
  • 30+ items
  • 45+ items
  • 55+ items

Materia can be attached to new gear and will be a necessity for new and old players alike. You want to be the bank of materia and gather as much of it as possible. Everything from Mind Materia tier I to Strength Materia tier IV should be in your inventory.

Remember, people will want materia when leveling, so there is a limited window when your items will sell for a lot of Gil.

final fantasy xiv

Alternate Characters Are Recommended

Whether you have one or multiple characters, you want to maximize your crafting capabilities. Why? Every in-game crafting item will be in demand, so you want to be the player that is offering your items to the masses.

Unlike World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV allows you to level every profession on one character, so while you’re waiting for the expansion, start leveling.

If you cover all professions, you’ll:

  • Generate a lot of Gil
  • Have all the necessary crafting items when leveling

If you have more Gil than you know what to do with, sell it for cash – real cash. Using, you can turn around and sell your virtual currency for real cash. If you’re a player that plans on simply closing their account, why not recuperate some of your money spent on subscription by selling Gil?

cheap gil

Buy Gil While the Price is Low

Gil prices are expected to skyrocket once Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward is released. If you don’t have time to start earning Gil or you simply want to make sure you have a lot of Gil to buy materia, materials and armor, it’s best to buy Gil now. is the recommended source for Gil.

Many people will also buy Gil now as an investment to sell it for a higher price once the expansion hits. It happens in every game – demand rises with new expansions – so you’ll often be able to buy now when the price is low, and sell high during the first few weeks of the expansion. After the first few weeks of an expansion, the value of currency will often drop.

If you want to have enough Gil when the expansion hits, buy Gil now.

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