FIFA 16 Coins and Accounts Are Currently in Demand

FIFA 16 Coins and Accounts Are Currently in Demand

Standing on the soccer field, you’re faced with a hard decision of passing the ball, or taking the shot to win the game. But if your players are slow and your teammates are not the best players, you’ll have a hard time competing against teams that have Messi or Ronaldo (or both) in the lineup.

FIFA 16 is packed with action, but you’ll need coins to ultimately build your team. And there’s a very high demand for coins and accounts, which you can sell to make money. Even casual players can make money off of this game, and do so while having fun instead of making it a chore.

For anyone who hasn’t played FIFA in the past, let’s quickly discuss what this game has to offer.

fifa 16

Introduction to FIFA 16

Fun and exciting, FIFA 16 brings together the best players in the world and all your favorite teams. Additionally, you can also play as any of the women’s national teams, which is something new to the world of FIFA.

Beautiful graphics and stunning physics allow you to feel as if you were on the field yourself.

A few of the most innovative features of this year’s edition of the game include:

fifa 16 defense

Defensive Improvements

Defend like never before. The developers have changed the way game is played in a defensive sense. With 25 new features, defense is the forefront of winning the game. These features include:

  • Defensive agility
  • The ability to defend the unit
  • New tackling fundamentals

This isn’t merely a game where luck is in your favor. You’ll be responsible in all areas of the field from defending to midfield play.

There’s also interception intelligence where the AI and you will anticipate the next shot, and be able to shut down a pass or play before it even happens.

fifa 16 offense

Offense Improvements

You want to be a beast on the field and score goals – right? This is what every player wants to achieve, and offense is vital if you’re going to win the game. Several offense improvements have been added to the game that allow you to refine your shots and passes, so that you feel really in control of your player’s actions.

A few of the most important improvements in terms of offense include:

  • You’ll be able to obtain ground passes to find players in tight spaces.
  • You able to open up attacking options due to refined passes.
  • No-touch dribbling allows for true creativeness as you feint to your left before running to the right and scoring a goal.
  • Dynamic crossing allows you to find teammates with the utmost accuracy.
  • Foot and ankle control have been refined to provide you with more control over your shot as a player.

And there’s a built in trainer that allows you to master basic commands and get hints that will help you improve your gameplay.

fifa 16 ultimate

FIFA Ultimate Team

The ultimate team is where you’ll monetize this game. This allows you to create a team with the best players in the world, but you’ll also earn prizes, coins and packs along the way if you win. What you’ll do is draft players where you get to choose your captain and players for each position.

Once you pick your team players, you need to work off of the chemistry of each player to win the match.

This is where the real fun of competition begins. You can be faced against real players where your decisions of who to draft ultimately depend on who you have available.

How do you get some of the best players, like Lionel Messi, on your team? You need to buy packs and get the player card.

fifa 16 coins

Monetization and Initial Investment

Monetization of this game require that you spend a little upfront investment by buying coins. You need a decent team before you can expect to win any games. But you’ll need coins before you can build the right team by buying packs.

There are regular packs, which cost between 400 and 7,500 coins. The bronze packs will have lower-end players, while the premium gold packs will have the world’s best players included. You’ll also the option of buying promo packs where you’ll get several players that you can add to your tea.

Free packs do exist, but they are only provided by:

  • Daily gifts
  • Season rewards
  • Winning a tournament
  • Beginning your first game

And competition brings a high demand for player coins. Coins can cost as much as $6 – $24 per 100, depending on the operating system and the seller.

Click here to look at current prices.

Monetizing the game itself will be done in two ways:

  • Selling coins
  • Selling game accounts

You’ll also want to pick up a few tips and tricks to improve your gameplay so that you can earn more coins along the way. Accounts can sell for several hundred dollars depending on how many points the account has and the players available on the account.

fifa 16 goal

Tips and Tricks to Improve Gameplay and Earn More Coins

Practice is the absolute best way to master the game. Through practice, you’ll be able to dominate your opponents in a way that only the best and most dedicated players can achieve. A few of the best tips we can give you to improve your gameplay include:

  • Utilizing the in-game trainer.
  • Learn how to use advanced skills.
  • Learn how to perform free kicks correctly.
  • Master short range shots.

EA Sports provides a variety of videos that will help you master the game.

Click here to see these videos now.

Tournaments allow you to earn the best rewards. You’ll want to be at the forefront of the game, and there’s no easy way to master FIFA 16 without playing the game every day. Even with the best players on your team giving you an advantage, you ultimately control these players and your fate to make money in the game.

Coins and accounts are the by far the easiest way to make money.

Getting these coins requires the right team (even an overpowered team), and your ability to win games and form a chemistry among your players.

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