FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coin Guide

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coin Guide

Have you joined players all over the world in competing to build the ultimate team in FIFA 15? You can be the best – but you need to know how to play the game properly, and get the coins that you need.

This guide will show you exactly how to get more coins in FIFA 15. If you find that they aren’t working for you, and would like an easier way to get easy coins, check out G2G (Gamer 2 Gamer Marketplace).

Remember that it takes time and effort to become a champion. If you are looking to increase the amount of coins that you have at your disposal, there are many ways to go about doing so. You don’t have to learn how to be the best FIFA 15 player in the world, although that wouldn’t hurt.

All you really need to do is learn how trading in the marketplace works. With this knowledge, you can make sure that you only trade when you can make a profit. Within a short amount of time, you will go from a total beginner – to an Ultimate Team master.


fifa 15 packs


1. Packs Are Not Worth Buying

You might think that paying for packs is a good way to build up your team. In reality, the chances that you will get a valuable player from a pack are low. This makes them essentially a waste of your coins.

If you simply enjoy the idea of opening up a pack, and finding out what is inside, you can gamble your money away once you have plenty to spare. Getting any huge players from packs, before you spend up to $3,000 USD, is pretty unlikely. If you want to risk your money to get great players, you are more than welcome to buy some coins from a trustworthy trading site, like the G2G marketplace for FIFA 15 coins.

You can then start unpacking, and hope that you find Ronaldo or Messi in your deck. Since buying packs is so tempting, other players will not be able to resist the special deals when they are made available.

You should definitely not buy these deals, but you can still profit from them. Many players will be disappointed by the players whom they receive in their deal packs, and they will want to sell them quickly. All you need to do is wait until just after a FIFA pack deal has gone on sale, and then buy up all the unwanted players at low prices.

This won’t happen every time, but it is still worth taking a look at the trading marketplace.

2. Play Offline Tournaments

It is a good idea to being by playing offline, even though it might seem like a boring idea. While you can earn coins from playing online, offline tournaments in FIFA 15 are an easy way to build up your team, and there are some special rewards available.

It is a great way to earn coins, because you can even get yourself some bronze, silver, and gold packs. In addition, you have the opportunity to earn regular points, like you can do in the normal single game.

You shouldn’t forget that playing offline gives you a chance to practice, without worrying about letting another player have access to easy coins, if you should lose. Don’t be too eager to take on another real-life player, until you are ready to compete with a good team.

Otherwise, you will just be making the game easier for your competition, and more difficult for yourself!

3. Refrain from Spending Too Much

Some people are impatient about getting the players whom they want, so they are happy to waste their money. You need to be smarter than that, and place your bids carefully.

If you are careful to spend as little as possible, you can maximize your team with whatever money you have. Keep an eye out for the lowest prices that you can find, for each player that you want.

When you do big, play several bids, and go for the same five players at once. You probably won’t get every player whom you bid for, but you might get a couple of them for a great price.

You should never get upset about being outbid by other people. If you let frustration get the better of you, it might cause you to make foolish bids, and waste your money.

Don’t bid on players out of passion, but bid on them when you know that it is a worthwhile investment. That is one of the most important parts of earning loads of coins playing Ultimate Team.


fifa 15 bad team


4. Bad Players Are Useful As Well

Many players are too eager to get rid of their bad players right away. If you just sell them off, you might not make any profit.

It won’t hurt to hold onto those players, and make the most coins that you can out of them. Remember that playing offline tournaments is a great way to earn money, and this is also when bad players can become quite useful.

You can use your least valuable for the duration of their contracts. This tactic will allow you to earn more coins from them, and then you can sell them. When players are new from your packs, they can play seven games, and then they can no longer be used.

You should easily be able to get around 300 coins per game, so even a bad player can help you earn around 2,100 or so. Once their contract expires, you can sell them yourself, or just allow them to be purchased in the market.

5. Beware of Taxation

Every time you make a trade on the market, EA Games is going to keep 5% of your total sale price. This comes from the seller’s profits, so you should always factor this loss into your deals.

Once you have a price in mind for a particular player, remember to increase this figure by 5%, so that you can avoid the FIFA 15 taxes eating into your money. Of course, you can increase your asking prices by more than 5% if you like. The more profit that you can make, the better, right?

6. Start with Small Profits

If you want to make some good profits from the start, aim to make a bunch of small sales. Even when you are only beginning, you can manage to buy some popular players for just 600 coins, for example.

If you took a player who cost you 600, and sold them for 700 to 800 coins, you will have made a little money. Just set your “buy now” value at the lowest amount possible, so you made some profits.

Many players don’t have the patience to wait for a better deal, so they will pay you more than your players are worth. After all, what’s a couple hundred coins, right?

It might not seem like much, but you can quickly earn 50,000 coins and over in a week. Just use this trick for lots of small profits, and do it repeatedly. Lots of little profits are just as valuable as one or two big profits.


fifa 15 manager


7. Managers are Worth Something

You might not believe it at first, but you can make some nice trades with managers. Many players simply do not know how much managers are actually worth.

However, if you check out the first few pages of the Transfer Market, you can quickly find out the names of the popular managers. Write these down, or just remember them if you can.

Now you should search for them in the market, and set your “buy now” price to less than the average of what people are asking for those managers. There is a good chance that you can find some popular managers for pretty low prices.

Find the cheapest ones on offer, from your list of popular choices, and buy them. Now you just have to sell those managers for the average asking price, and you will make a profit.

8. Player Fitness Cards

You might find yourself almost completely out of money. If you are looking to get some more coins quickly, try trading some player fitness cards. Look for them in the transfer market, and set your “buy now” price at 200 coins or less.

Purchase every single player fitness card that you can afford, as long as they are 200 coins or less. Now, you should immediately put them back up on the market, but set your own starting prices at 250 to 400 coins.

The price of player fitness cards depends on the market, as well as the demand and popularity of these types of cards. You might get lucky, and find that they get even more expensive. Hopefully, you will be able to make some quick money, so that you can get back to trading players.

9. Skill Moves and Weak Foot Level

If you would like some added insight to how many coins a particular player is worth, you should take a look at their skill moves and weak foot level. Keep in mind that this information will not be accessible via the FIFA web app.

The amount of stars that a player has here is proportionate to how many coins they are worth. Of course, you should not rely on this information alone, because it’s not guaranteed to be accurate.

Look at the transfer market and verify how much that player has recently sold for. This is a nice way to decide which players you should spend your time researching.


fifa 15 offline


10. Coin Farming

This is a method that will require quite a lot of coins, before you can get started. Look at the transfer pages in the market, and figure out the 10 most wanted players.

Once you know which players are going to earn the most money, you will need a lot of coins. If you don’t already have a huge stock of coins, you can simply go to the G2G marketplace here and procure some.

This is the easiest way to gain a large amount of coins, without investing too much time or effort. Once you have your coins, you can begin to purchase the most popular players on the market.

Buy them for the lowest prices that you can, and then flip them for profits. If you made sure to get lots of coins, you will have some serious buying power. In this case, you can even purchase players from competitors, and make sure that you control the entire market.

If you ever have too many coins, and you don’t need them, you can even sell them on the G2G marketplace for some quick cash.


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