FIFA 15: 10 Things Stopping You From Dominating Opponents

FIFA 15: 10 Things Stopping You From Dominating Opponents

FIFA 15 is a lot of fun, but when you lose, it can be very frustrating. Dominating opponents is fun, but when you’re the one being dominated, a few tweaks to the way you play is all that you need to beat your opponent.

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Let’s take a look at 10 things stopping you from dominating opponents.

1. Not Scoring Goals

Defense is essential to protect a lead, but you need to score goals before you can even think of defending. When the goalkeeper easily saves your shots, there are a few ways to refine your gameplay:

  • Sidestep to the left or right before finishing to trick the goalkeeper.
  • Aim shots close to the opposite goal post.
  • Release sprint then use the directional pad to angle your shot before pressing the shoot button.

Finesse shots are talked about all the time, but we’ll be going over them in greater detail soon. However, one shot that’s underrated is the flair shot.

New in FIFA 15, this shot is performed at 40+ yards and doesn’t go as high as a normal kick. It’s not a finesse move, but if you’re stuck far away from the goal with defenders approaching, you may score with a flair shot.

One of the best FIFA 15 tips is the most simple – practice, practice, practice.

2. Not Building the Ultimate Team

Does your team stink? If you’re up against a team that’s filled with the top players, you’ll lose if you didn’t pick the best players yourself. A solid squad is essential if you want to win.

How do you build the ultimate team? Simple.

  • Purchase key players from the transfer market.

If you’re opening packs in hopes of landing Messi, Ronaldo or Robben, good luck. You’re spending money on packs, so spend your money more wisely by buying coins.

I recommend buying coins from

The most trusted provider, G2G lets you buy coins that can be used on the transfer market to buy the players your team needs. You can always sell coins back on when you start winning to recoup your money.

You’re just gambling when you buy packs.

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3. Not Focusing on Right & Left Footers

You’re running straight at the goal with CR7 and you choose to shoot at the left side of the goalie. Why didn’t your goal go in? Ronaldo prefers shooting with his right foot. Take shots to your player’s strong side by knowing whether they are left-footed or right-footed.

4. Improper Crosses

Crosses are powerful moves that leave the keeper helpless, but you have to do them right. We recommend:

  • Starting at the 18 yards box.
  • Aim the direction to the right side of the post during finishes.

While not as overpowered as in FIFA 14, you can still score a lot of headers using this method. There is a simple trick to get away from the defender to setup the ultimate shot: body feign. This is done by tapping the directional to the opposite side you’re crossing. If you’re crossing right, feign left and the opposite when crossing left.

Hitting the cross button twice will perform a low cross, which is easier for the receiver.

It sounds easy, but pressing the shot button at the right moment will take a lot of practice. If you perform crosses properly, you’ll score a lot of goals.

5. Not Using Finesse Shot

Wish that you could curl the ball around the keeper? Well, you can. A finesse shot allows you to curl the ball around the keeper. These shots are very hard to perform, but essential if you want to beat the competition.

This is a shot based on precision and not power. You don’t want to be in a sprinting movement when taking a finesse shot. Instead, you want to:

  • Use the player’s strong foot.
  • Take the shot from the left or right corner, just outside the penalty box using an opposite footed player.

The last point might sound confusing, but if you’re using a left-footed player to take a shot from outside of the penalty box, near the corners, you want to position him on the right side of the box. This will increase your accuracy.If you’re in the middle of the penalty box, you can also score by curving the ball around the keeper with the appropriate-footed player (left-footed for the left corner and right-footed for the right corner).

fifa 15

6. Ignoring Teammate Control

Teammate control is very powerful when defending – especially during kick-offs. The opponent wants to push forward and retrieve your ball as fast as possible using teammate control when in a crowded penalty area.

You need to master teammate control to win.

If one player gets faked out, quickly switch to another and take control of the ball. It’s difficult, but a skill you want to refine.

7. Not Staying in Formation

Players need to be used in their formation. If you have one of the world’s best defenders, you don’t want them out of position trying to score. Defenders should pass to midfielders to bring the ball back up the field.

When players are out of formation, the opponent will exploit your flaw and score.

Always keep an eye out on your formation and only use a player in their appropriate position.

8. Not Learning About Speed Burst Changes

Have you played past FIFA titles? If so, you might be used to using speed burst when running towards an attacker. It used to work great, but now EA has implemented agility and control into the game. Run touch dribbling allows for realistic ball control even in sprint and close touch situations.

If you sprint towards the attacker, like in past versions, you’ll be left in the dust.

Instead, sprint until you reach the attacker and try to get in-between him. Ultimately, you want to remove the ball from the player, but sprinting will leave you on the ground. Only sprint to close the distance between you and the attacker and then use your defense skills to take care of the rest.

FIFA 15 is very physical, and if you don’t stop sprinting at an attacker, you’ll end up on your back.

fifa 15

9. Driven Corner Kick

One of the most powerful, yet easy to master, FIFA 15 tips is the driven corner kick. Best taken between the penalty spot and the six yard box, you’ll want to perform a corner kick with 55 to 65 percent power.

Why is this effective? The keeper needs to be controlled manually to defend the driven corner kick.

As the ball comes within 10 meters of your player, keep tapping the shoot button to get the header. You want to aim to the near post. Why? It makes it even harder for the goalkeeper to catch the ball.You won’t score every time with this method, but you will score a lot.

10.  Not Checking Player Rankings

When your players aren’t performing as well anymore, there is a reason: performance is based on the last 365 days. This means that if Messi plays horribly over the next 3 months, it will reflect on his performance on your team.

League and cup play are used in player ranking calculations.

fifa 15 free kick

You will need to swap out players if some of your squad has not been performing well. Remember, don’t gamble and buy packs. Instead, buy coins and pick up players on the transfer market.

Check out the latest ratings provided by EA Sports.

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