Elite Dangerous: Horizons the New Expansion

Elite Dangerous: Horizons the New Expansion

Looking for a new game to add to your must-try list? Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a new season of expansions that will be available during the holiday season. If you’re a fan of space games, you’ll love playing – and profiting off of – this game.

Never heard of Elite Dangerous? Let’s take a closer look at this game to see what it has to offer both in the playability and profitability departments.

Elite Dangerous Capital Ships

What is Elite Dangerous?

Elite Dangerous is a massively multiplayer space epic with an ever-changing narrative and a connected galaxy. The developers went through the painstaking process of re-creating the Milky Way in its entirety for this game. Gameplay takes place in the year 3301.

As a new player, you’ll start with just a few credits in a very small starship. You’ll do whatever is necessary to earn knowledge, skill, power and wealth to survive in this futuristic galaxy and join the ranks of the elite.

Players are thrown into an age of interstellar war where conflict is around every corner. Each player’s story will influence the overall gaming experience for all players. Its narrative is always evolving, so players enjoy an ever-changing story line. Over time, battles are won or lost and governments fall – all thanks to each player’s actions. With 400 billion star systems, this game offers infinite freedom and opportunity for you to create your own path.

Horizons is the first expansion to Elite and introduces a new way for players to explore planet surfaces using Surface Recon Vehicles. Scanning planets and moons allows players to detect crashed ships, signals, outposts, mineral deposits and fortresses.

Throughout the season, developers will be introducing new content and features to ensure that the world and the narrative are ever-changing.

elite dangerous cockpit

Elite Dangerous Features

We know that this is an MMO, but what does this game have to offer in terms of features?

For starters, Elite Dangerous has 400 billion star systems that allow for open-ended gameplay. The developers have completely re-created the Milky Way to include all of the planets, stars, asteroid fields, moons and black holes of our galaxy at their true epic proportions. This game offers the biggest designed play space ever – period.

We do know that Elite Dangerous is actually the third sequel to the 1984 classic Elite. This modern sequel incorporates the game’s original open world of venture and combines this into a connected galaxy.

Players can upgrade and customize nearly every component of their ship to fight, hunt, explore, trade, mine and try to survive the cutthroat galaxy. Because this is a massively multiplayer game with an open, connected world, every pilot you meet can quickly become an enemy or a trusted ally. Knowing this, we can predict that players will need resources and currency to survive and thrive in this world. There may also be opportunities for leveling or PvP services.

Continuing on with the connected theme of this game, all actions the players take will have an effect on everyone else’s gaming experience. This is what helps shape the continually evolving narrative that Elite Dangerous offers. Depending on what players do, battles may be won or lost, and governments may fall.

elite dangerous powerplay


Elite Dangerous players have the opportunity to pledge allegiance to one of many galactic Powers. These powers control a variety of different star systems, and offer perks that are valuable to players. Each and every player will influence their Power’s tactical decisions based on the amount of influence they have. Players are presented with a choice of actions they can take every week, such as deciding which system to conquer or whom to negotiate with.

Each time a player completes the mission, they drive up their Power’s expansion. Emergent play and freeform activities further support their Power. Succeeding will provide players with extra rewards, while failure may weaken their Power.

Players also have the option to defect and choose a different side. Completing objectives will earn players credits and improve standing with their respective Power. High-ranking players will gain more votes and more control over the Power’s decisions.

Powerplay isn’t mandatory, but it offers additional perks that players will want to take advantage of.

elite dangerous Starport Anaconda

Hugely Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Elite Dangerous was in development for quite some time, and started out with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012. In total, the campaign raised £1,578,316, well above the original £1,250,000 goal.

The game attracted well over 10,000 backers, and easily met its stretch goal of £1.5 million. The games Kickstarter campaign generated a lot of buzz for the title, and the game now has a huge following of players anticipating the expansion’s holiday release.

elite dangerous horizons expansion

A New Season of Expansions

Planetary Landings will be releasing its first major gameplay expansion to Elite Dangerous. Major content will be introduced along with new features in every new update. Players can engage in surface expeditions using surface roving vehicles, explore uncharted worlds, play with friends, and attack and defend basis from above or below.

Once the expansion is released, a new major update will follow in the first quarter of 2016. This update will include additional content, game changing loot and a whole new crafting system.

Monetizing Elite Dangerous

Although it’s a vast and dangerous world, Elite Dangerous offers numerous opportunities to make money. The game features a robust and thriving economy, which allows for ample opportunities to monetize your gaming experience. In addition, farmers can also sell in-game items, boosting services and in-game currency.

elite dangerous ingame

Elite Dangerous already has a strong player base, and the new expansion has generated a lot of buzz. Players will be eager to grab new resources and take advantage of the new content being released.

Now is the perfect time to pre-order and start playing right away to find ways to monetize this game. Elite Dangerous will be available during Holiday 2015 and will retail for £39.99. If you’re already an Elite player, you can enjoy a loyalty discount of £10 off the original retail price. You can pre-order now and be one of the first players to land in the galaxy.

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