Earthrise – First Impact

Earthrise – First Impact

Earthrise is still in the alpha stage, but players are free to play the game and progress through the ongoing development process. Keep in mind that there are still a lot of bugs that need to be worked out, and that what you experience will not be the final gameplay and content.

The game is already loads of fun, and there are a lot of players you’ll meet along the way.

earthrise first impact

First Impact Leads to Destruction

Just 31 years from current day, a massive catastrophe hits earth, with a meteor shower raining day from the sky. The world is filled with icy mist and dust. Earthquakes continually occur, leaving modern day society a relic of the past.

Life on earth has drastically changed since the first impact occurred.

The meteors left a new type of crystal during their falling, and new organisms started to evolve. As time went on, people started to notice that these crystals, when harnessed properly, contacted properties that could produce energy and other materials.

Mankind grew dependent on these wondrous crystals, ignoring the fact that they’re toxic. Eventually, mankind would suffer and begin to mutate. Players are now thrown into a world that is 263 years in the future of the 2046 event.

The world is mostly infertile, and human cloning is the only way to save humanity.

earthrise environment

Key Elements and Features

The premise for Earthrise is pretty neat, and the world is a mix of beauty and chaos. A sandbox MMORPG shooter, players will have an impact on the world around them and how the game evolves.

earthrise features

PvP-RPG – PvE experience

The game is less about the developers and more about customization. A PvP / PvE environment allows for fun – the way you like it – and the following allows for true customization:

  • Free Skill system: You build your own class by choosing your own skills without restrictions.
  • Skill Level: There are no limits in place to how many skill levels a player can advance.
  • Specialization: A player’s role and specialization depends on the skills chosen.
  • Skill Traders: Exchange experience for skills.
  • RPG Skills: Weapon, crafting and device abilities and skills can be earned to further strengthen your team.
  • Teamplay: Play in groups of people to fight off larger threats.

Crafting is a huge part of the game due to item decay. Your equipment will decay over time, and every weapon and item will have its own skill requirement. Players will be able to modify their own weapons to make them more powerful and robust.

earthrise combat

Cooperative Gameplay

There are 8 different factions you can choose to play with as well as RPG identification. There are pros and cons to each faction, but the details on what these pros and cons are have yet to be released.

Players also have the choice of remaining neutral.

Missions that players choose can make your friends enemies tomorrow, so you must be careful with every decision that you make.

Advanced PvP is offered and allows for open world PvP that can quickly lead to mayhem. Players can experience:

  • Friendly fire
  • Open World PvP
  • Massive battles for territory control
  • Penalty / karma system
  • Player loot system

Players that die will suffer consequences, such as losing loot along the way.

earthrise mount

Unique Player Progression

Players can choose their own progression path. This means chain quests are not the only way to progress through the game. There are multiple PvE aspects, including:

  • Dynamic Missions: Massive missions you and your friends can undergo that are accessed through terminals.
  • Epic Boss Fights: Raids are a little different due to the open world aspect of the game. Instead, you’ll have epic boss fights like you’ve never seen before.
  • Monsters: There are enemies and monsters around every corner just waiting to terrorize you and the world you’re struggling to protect.

earthrise plains

Open World

The world is completely open where there is a fine line between friendship and betrayal. From technology to enemies, the world has it all. An epic storyline is immersive and has players traverse the world in search of the real truth behind the destructive events that took place in 2046.

The world spans over 250km2 allowing players to be adventurers and discover areas that no one has yet seen.

A teleport system allows you to quickly traverse the world and will need to be activated by players. Aside from monsters and players, there are civil and military vehicle that players can use to blast any obstacles in their way.

earthrise founder

Founder Opportunities

A massive game requires help from founders that get a lot of perks for their initial commitment. If you’re a gold farmer wanting to get in on a game that has a lot of potential, becoming a founder for Earthrise is a smart choice.

Founders have several contribution levels from 15 euro – 250 euro.

The top tier provides:

  • 16,000 premium credits
  • Domination badge and title
  • Experience boost cloth
  • Little friend (companion pet)
  • Vehicle
  • VIP teleport device

The team promises that exclusive items will be given to all founders that will not be available to other players. It’s the perfect chance to get some of the game’s most exclusive items, and more than double your money in the process.

The good news is that you’ll be able to register to play in alpha today, but be warned, there are a lot of bugs still being worked on by the developers.

It’s an immersive game with huge potential.

If you’re trying to get a leg up on the competition and monetize the game, you’ll find that there are several avenues, including:

earthrise city

Currency may or may not be able to be sold. The game is free-to-play, so the developers will likely have credits purchased only through their system, but this isn’t 100% certain at this point in the game’s development.

Earthrise has a lot of unique elements, and maybe too many that won’t be realized. The developers keep their alpha servers up all the time, and great improvements have been made in the last few months. The game’s massive world and sandbox allows players to really have a unique experience and endless hours of fun.

Will Earthrise be the next big MMORPG?

It does have a ton of potential. Try the game out for yourself to see how you like it, and how you’ll monetize it.

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