Devilian Action RPG Where Heaven Meets Hell

Devilian Action RPG Where Heaven Meets Hell

Devilian is an epic action RPG where you will play as the last vanguard of Nala. Despite being a half devil, you’ll be protecting the world from a fallen God. A unique storyline and exceptional graphics make this one of the most anticipated role-playing games of the year.

This is where heaven meets hell.

And, closed beta is set to begin on October 22. You can join beta to try the game out, but there is no guarantee of being invited unless you are a founder.

Before I tell you how to sign up for beta, I want to dive deeper into this action-packed game.

devilian dungeon

Introduction to Devilian

Available by Trion Worlds, this game is an MMO where you get to choose whether to remain as a moral character or some devil form. Your double form is a powerful, combat-oriented version of yourself. You can say that this depicts the devil inside all of us.

What makes this game an interesting choice is that it’s not a new game. The KM has already been released in South Korea and Thailand.

The original title was released by Ginno Games, but Trion Worlds will release the game to Western markets. This is a smart choice for the developers as the company already knows how to maintain large, populated servers.

You’ll enter into a large world, an exceptionally large world, where you’ll fight monsters around every corner while also fighting other human players. Both your normal character and Devilian can level separately. This allows for a different progression path when playing the game.

The various regions in the game are massive. Each region is a world in itself where you’ll fight foes with the wide range of difficulty.


PvE Gameplay

The PvE environment, is quest-based. You’ll be immersed in a full storyline that you can choose to follow, but there are a lot of ways for you to level. For example, when you’re running through the open world you’ll come across “world bosses.” These are bosses where you’ll need a little help from your guild or friends to play the game.

And, your guild will be the backbone of your success.

Your guild is filled with players that want to succeed in the game and work together to achieve a main goal. Unlike other MMORPGs, raids are much smaller. You’ll team up with 10 people to destroy powerful foes in your path. Dungeons are also available and will allow you to team up with other players to meet your objective.

The game will feature a looking for group tool.

What players will like about world bosses is that you need have the right to compete against the world boss. Essentially, world bosses are contested.

While dungeons welcome group play of up to three people, you can complete many dungeons solo. If you’re a player who doesn’t want to rely on others for your success, you’ll love this game. And, we almost forgot to mention that you’ll be able to choose between four unique classes:

  • Berserker: A dual wielding class that focuses on melee. A strong formidable choice, the berserker can hold mobs with AOE abilities, and they’re always at the front of the battle.
  • Gunner: Using a cannon to destroy foes, the gunner class is deadly and efficient in both multiple and single combat.
  • Elementalist: Using lightning and frost, this class controls crowds and deals damage to their foes. The downfall of this class is that they are easily hurt when not fighting from a distance.
  • Assassin: The assassin is versatile. This class can do melee damage or ranged attacks, which makes it a unique class with a lot of combat options.

devilian pvp

PVP Gameplay

Player versus player combat is a big part of the game. You’ll be able to enjoy both solo and group PVP content. There are a few modes that you can choose to engage other players in combat, such as:

  • Battlegrounds. Massive battles where 20 vs 20 player combat exists.
  • 3v3 Battles. Condensed battles, where you’ll compete with three other players to mow down your foes.
  • Guild Wars. Your guild can form an alliance, and declare war on other guilds and alliances to engage in all-out combat.

PVP combat is fluid and fun. You’ll be in your devil-like form for most combat because you are in a do or die situation.

devilian founder packs

Become a Founder

Devilian takes a similar approach like many new MMOs. You’ll be able to become a founder and will enjoy specific perks depending on the founder pack you choose. There are three tiers available:


The silver tier allows you to join beta, and enjoy early access with a two day head start. You’ll also receive an additional two character slots to your account, a character potion bag and the title “Founder.” This tier also offers a 30 day patron status and the corgi pet that acts as a bank and vendor. You’ll also get 2,500 credits. The silver tier costs $49.99.


Under the gold tier, you’ll receive 7500 credits, a 60 day patron pass, three additional inventory rows, the title of “Vanguard,” and a Trion Worlds Founder talisman. You’ll also get early access, which allows a 2 day head start when the game is released, two additional character slots, title of “founder” and the adorable corgi pet for $99.99.


The most expensive tier costs $149.99. The obsidian tier allows you access to alpha and beta plus a code for your friend to enter beta with you. When choosing this tier, you’ll receive 11,250 credits, early access, 90 day patron status, two additional character slots, four additional inventory rows, character potion bag, and three titles, including;

  • Founder
  • Vanguard
  • Harbinger

Obsidian founders also received a polar bear mount, and a Trion Worlds Founder and Nanus talisman.

Founders packs ensure you get a head start in Devilian.

They’ll also be a patron status. The developer has yet to reveal what patron status will offer to players. But, following past games, we know that this will be a subscription type of boost where you’ll receive exceptional benefits when patron status is available.

Credits are also available that allow you to buy in-game items, such as pets, mounts and boosts to name a few.

There’ll be several ways to monetize this game, so we suggest you join beta and try it out for yourself. You’ll be able to offer boosting services, sell currency, sell in-game items and have fun in the process.

devilian battle

Click here to join the beta for Devilian. Beta will begin on October 22nd and last until October 26th.

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