Crowfall MMORPG that Allow its World to Decay

Crowfall MMORPG that Allow its World to Decay

If you’re on the lookout for a new MMO to expand your farming business, keep your eye on Crowfall. Designed to be a mix of the classic MMO and strategy, Crowfall it all about territorial conquest. Take on the role of a villain, knight, king or queen, and battle it out to win control of the throne.

It’s like Game of Thrones meets Risk in an MMORPG environment.

crowfall battle

What is Crowfall?

The Crowfall is all about three things: Time, Power and Destruction. But before we get into that, here’s a little backstory:

Many centuries ago, the Hunger, a malevolent force, manifested in the center of the Crowfall universe. Once it appeared, it started devouring other worlds. At this point, nobody really knows where the Hunger came from, or how to stop it. The King of the Gods, the All-Father set off to face the Hunger, but he never made it back.

The children of All-Father, known as the Elder Gods, started bickering and arguing about who should become the new King of the Gods. It would only be a matter of time before the War of the Gods consumed the universe. The Gods battle through the Crows, you – the player.

The Crows are sent off into the Dying Worlds, which is where you fight for artifacts, resources and the souls of the damned. Oh, and while you’re there, you’ll try to conquer the world, too. You have to justify your God’s claim to the throne, right?

Enough of the backstory. Let’s talk about gameplay and those three little things: Time, Power and Destruction.

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So, in Crowfall, characters are persistent, but Campaign Worlds eventually decay and die off. Campaigns only last for a certain duration, usually one to three months, or until someone wins. During this time, the world that you’re playing in will cycle through an entire year, progressing from Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. As the year progresses, the world’s conditions will grow more deadly and sinister.

Once winter ends, the campaign ends and a victor is declared. The map is then wiped out and that world goes offline – forever. After the world dies, players return back to the Eternal Kingdoms (where their home is) to enjoy the spoils of war – or lick their wounds.

The game isn’t even in beta yet, so it’s hard to tell what campaign worlds will be like, but farmers may be able to collect unique resources from different campaigns and sell them. Remember, these worlds die off – forever, so there’s great potential to gather or win unique items that other players will find extremely valuable.

crowfall destruction


Everything in the Crowfall universe changes, which makes gameplay really fun. Using the same concepts from Minecraft, the entire Crowfall world is destructible. So, you can dig tunnels under buildings for siege attacks, or toss your hammer at the wall and blow a hole through it. You can use the environment to your advantage when attacking enemies.

Maps are unique, too, and procedurally generated. What this means is that everything from the mountains to the rivers, castles, and villages are automatically processed in new and unique ways. Every world is different, which means that every territorial conquest will be different, too.

crowfall fealty system


The Eternal Kingdoms is the only persistent and permanent world in the game, but it’s completely ruled by players. Players can become monarchs, and then divide up the domain into different provinces. They can grant land to other players, too. You choose how you rule, and you can build up your kingdom in any way you see fit.

The power aspect of this game also has some potential to earn farmers money through boosting or similar services, depending on how the monarch system works.

crowfall customization

Immortal Champions

Players are immortal champions, so while the world around you may come crumbling down, your character will be persistent just like any other MMO. Whether you win or lose a campaign, you clean up, go home and start all over again with a new campaign.

Crowfall also uses a multi-classing system and all players start with a base archetype.

Archetypes include:

  • Champion
  • Myrmidon
  • Druid
  • Ranger
  • Knight
  • Confessor
  • Duelist
  • Assassin
  • Templar
  • Frostweaver
  • Legionnaire
  • Stalker
  • Forgemaster

Advantages can be added to each archetype as well as disadvantages. Each class can be promoted to a higher level (e.g. Knight to Sentinel), and choose three Disciplines (i.e. professions). The level of customization for each character is very in-depth, and you can never be too sure of what type of player you’ll meet on the battlefield.

Multiple characters can be created, and you can participate in more than one campaign at a time.

Another great aspect of Crowfall is that you don’t to grind for experience and gear. All players can train passively in up to three skills – even if they’re not online.

This may be a disadvantage for farmers as they won’t be able to offer power-leveling services, but you also won’t have to go through the hassle of having to level yourself.

crowfall economy

Farming Potential in Crowfall

It’s hard to really determine whether Crowfall will be worth your while as a farmer, but from what we’ve seen so far, it looks really promising.

Like any other MMO, resources are valuable. When you consider the fact that you’ll need these resources to build up your kingdom, they become even more valuable. That’s great news for you as a farmer because you can potentially profit off of these items.

There’s also the potential to offer boosting services either to help players win the throne in the Eternal Kingdoms, or emerge victorious in the Campaign Worlds.

As of right now, the game is still trying to raise money to complete the Crowfall’s development. It’s not even in beta yet, but you can pay a $38 “pledge” and be granted access to beta when it does reach that point. If you’re really interested in the game and you have a higher budget, you can donate more to gain earlier access.

Crowfall is definitely a game worth watching, and you may want to consider pledging the $38 to gain early beta access. Doing so will give you a chance to get to know the game’s economy and find ways to profit off of it.

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