Crowdfunded Video Games Are Gold

Crowdfunded Video Games Are Gold

You want to make money, but a lot of the current games are either oversaturated, or they have a dwindling user base. While unfortunate, many of the games you know and love will have ups and downs in their subscriber numbers, leaving you scrambling to make money.

Crowdfunding sites offer a look into video games that are still on the development block.

Yes, you’ll have to offer funding, but it’s worth it. When you’re funding a game, you’ll often gain:

  • Early access to the game, allowing you to get started before anyone else.
  • Access to goodies and extras that aren’t offered to normal account holders.

An overlooked aspect of crowdfunding video games is that these donor or special accounts fetch a lot more money when selling an account. It makes sense – right? You have an account with features or extras that no one else can get – it’s valuable.


Finding Games to Monetize

Crowdfunding is a hit or miss if you don’t know how to find the right games. Before you begin your search, there are two sites that will be the backbone of your research:

These are the two main sites that have a ton of different games being funded.

How do you find the right game?

You need to look at the hype behind a game. The largest crowd-funded project of any category was Star Citizen. The game has over 956,000 backers and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having more than $65,300,000 in funding.

By November 19, 2012, the game had raised $6,238,563 after over just a month of crowd funding.

Everything started exploding from there. People wanted to play Star Citizen so bad that, according to recent figures directly from Robert’s website in August 2015, backers have pledged over $87 million to the game so far.

Backers are promised in-game rewards, and at this point, Star Citizen has already been a success.

kickstarter everspace

Making Money from Crowdfunded Games

Every game is different, so it’s up to you to find ways to make money prior to the game being released to the public. If you have a plan in place to make money prior to launch, you’ll be able to leverage early access, so you can start selling quickly.

A few ways to make money include:

  • Selling your special accounts.
  • Sell physical or digital rewards.
  • Sell a limited edition or a collector’s edition of the game.

I want to make note that physical items offered to pledgers are often very limited. When you receive these items, keep them in pristine condition so that you can sell them in the future. Physical items have a price that will increase rapidly once they have been sold or given away.

We’re using Star Citizen as an example because the game has the most hype of any crowdfunded title – ever.

star citizen

Now, not everyone can afford to offer a $10,000 contribution, but those who do (1 backer so far, with a maximum backer amount of 10) will get massive rewards as a result. If you do choose to fund this project at this amount, you would receive the following:

  • Title: You’ll get the prestigious title of “Wing Commander.”
  • Game: The finished game.
  • Spaceship: The best-of-the-best RSI Constellation spaceship.
  • Credits: 20,000 galactic credits.
  • Skins: Spaceship skins (custom) will be provided for your spaceship.
  • Naming: You’ll be able to name your ship after yourself if you wish.
  • Access: A major perk. You’ll gain access to the Alpha and Beta testing stages of the game.
  • Mile High Club Ownership: A private in-game club that you own and can invite your friends to if you wish.
  • Physical Items: Multiple physical items will be given to you, including a USB stick that is shaped like a spaceship, game soundtrack, glossy map (full color) of the universe. A set of 5 ship blueprints plus a 10” model of your in-game ship (fully painted). A hardcover copy of behind-the-scenes images and information behind the making of Star Citizen.
  • Meet the Developers: You’ll have the chance to meet a lot of the developers and spend a day with the creator and mastermind of the game: Chris Roberts.

You’ll also receive a Titanium Citizens Card. All of these items are going to be very, very exclusive and will sell for a ton of money. Can you imagine selling an account that has features and a ship that only 10 people in the whole universe have? It will sell for far more than your $10,000 pledge.

The best part is that you don’t need to pledge such a massive amount of money to the game.

Instead, you do have the option of pledging smaller amounts. I recommend pledging at least $30 so that you gain access to alpha and beta testing of the game. This is where you’ll be able to play the game and learn the ropes needed to make money in the game.


If you don’t have time to do all of the research yourself, Wikipedia has a few options that you can use to find the latest crowdfunded mega hits:

  • Highest Funded: A list of the highest funded games available. This is a great way to see a few notes on the games and to see what games may be worth funding for early access.
  • Crowdfunding Projects: Diligently updated throughout the year. This is a list of crowdfunded video games that I recommend sorting from campaign end dates. You’ll be able to view current projects that can be funded as well as games that weren’t a hit with fans.

A lot of games will be a bust, while others are sure to be a hit. Always perform your own research into games and look for a variety of ways to monetize the game. Some of the most common methods of monetization include:

  • Selling virtual currency
  • Trading or selling items
  • Offering boosting services
  • Selling game accounts
  • Selling rare editions of the game

If you’re currently a gold farmer or make money on other video games, you’ll want to find these crowdfunded projects and figure out ways to monetize upcoming games.

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