Chronicles of Elyria Allows Characters to Age and Die

Chronicles of Elyria Allows Characters to Age and Die

In a typical MMORPG, you create a character and that character stays the same – indefinitely. No matter how many years pass by, in-game or in real life, your character will never age. Chronicles of Elyria is looking to change all that. In this game, your character not only ages, but dies eventually.

In the Chronicles of Elyria, you’ll be thinking a whole lot more about the choices you make and your character’s role in the larger story.

As a gold farmer, there are quite a few opportunities to monetize this game. The hype is definitely there (the game attracted 2,000 community members just four weeks after launching the forum), and the sheer nature of the game will make resources invaluable.

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Aging, Dying and Souls

With an epic 10-year storyline, players experience their character over many different lifetimes. During each lifetime, you’ll spend time developing your character, and you’ll make a lasting impact on the game’s world. When you eventually die, your soul will reincarnate.

With each new life, you become stronger and your spirit lives on.

What about dying in-game? Not permanent death, but hey-another-player-just-killed-me death? According to the developers, players can get knocked out or fatally wounded during gameplay, but your soul only leaves your body temporarily. Each time this happens, though, your lifespan shortens. When you finally reach your max age, you’ll die – permanently.

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MMORPG Meets Survival

Chronicles of Elyria incorporates survival elements into the game, so there are lots of things to keep you on your toes. As a player, you’ll have to deal with:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Limited inventory
  • Drowning
  • Fatigue
  • Sweltering heat or frigid cold – depending on the landscape

If you decide to stray too far off the beaten path, you may just find yourself without any food or water. There are a lot of elements to think about here, which will make gameplay interesting but challenging.

And from a farmer’s perspective, there might be potential to offer aid services to players who’ve gotten themselves into sticky situations.

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Housing, Family and Land System

Each new player has the choice to be born into a player-run family, an NPC family or become a ward of the state (no family). Families give you perks, and they also affect some of the customization options (hair color, for instance).

The game also features a robust land and housing system. There are crops to grow, kingdoms to run and items to be sold. You can choose to lease your land, too, so other players can build their own player-run towns.

On top of all this, you can set laws, grow your domain from a small hamlet to a kingdom, or acquire your own resources. The choice is yours.

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Skill-Based Character Development

In the Chronicles of Elyria, there are no classes. Everything is skill-based. This is welcome news for anyone who’s tired of seeing the same classes over and over again in other MMOs.

There are dozens of skills to choose from in multiple different categories. From survival to gathering, fighting, crafting, deviant and bardic, you can truly personalize your character by choosing only the skills you want or need.

The great thing about a skill-based system is that players must use their own skill to become the best.

Let’s say that you wanted to become a blacksmith. Rather than just watching a progress bar fill up, you’d actually have to do something to improve your skill. Blacksmiths require good hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. Through a series of skill-based mini games, you’ll be able to improve your skills and your capabilities.

This sort of thing spills over into other areas of the game, too. If your sword deals a devastating blow, it’s because you swung it at the exact right moment. That emerald you cut is only flawless because your nimble fingers made it that way.

The whole idea behind the skill-based system adds a new dimension to the game, and a new level of skill. Every action you take will require some degree of skill on your part.

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Player Contracts

Implicit and explicit contracts are available in-game that allow you, the player, to develop meta content. When you sign contracts with other players, you create a binding agreement that allows you to safely operate your own business. Trade contracts will allow you to create a shipping business. You also have the option of employing other players to gather hard-to-find resources. Players can even sell their assassin services, and with contracts in place, you can be sure that you’ll receive payment.

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What About Gold Farming?

The developers of Chronicles of Elyria actually addressed the topic of gold farming in their FAQs, and their response is great news for farmers who want to expand their business. The developers noted that some players just don’t have the time or desire to farm for gold or armor, and they’re hoping to build an in-game exchange market.

CoE offers a great opportunity for farmers to monetize this game. The business model is unlike anything we’ve seen in the MMOs, and harkens back to the era of coin operated arcade games; a time when players paid for character lives.

The in-game exchange system may also prove to be promising as players can buy gold in-game with real cash. With so many elements in place, from survival to crafting and gathering, there are plenty of ways to make money off this game. Let’s not forget the fact that you can also grow crops and even lease your own land.

The possibilities are nearly endless.

CoE is still in development, but you can register now. Like with any other new game, register early, create multiple accounts and secure as many unique names as possible before the game launches. Test out the game. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Look for hidden ways to make a profit, and check out the usual profit-generating avenues – items, currency, boosting services, consumables, etc.

There’s no leveling or experience in CoE, so power-leveling services are out of the question. That being said, there are plenty of other services and items you can offer to generate real cash.

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