Camelot Unchained brings Realm vs Realm MMORPG

Camelot Unchained brings Realm vs Realm MMORPG

Camelot Unchained has officially made our “games to watch” list. Having raised over $3,625,313 in pledges, this RVR game has generated some serious hype. Camelot Unchained isn’t even in Alpha yet, which is great news for all you gold farmers out there. If you make a pledge now, you can get in on the ground floor of a promising game. Let’s take a closer look at Camelot Unchained to see why it’s worth a test drive.

camelot unchained

The Lore

First, a little backstory. Camelot Unchained takes place during a time when the Veil, the border between our world and the magical world of Beyond, has been torn open. New races and abominations were formed, and the Emissaries emerged from the veil to give us immortality. They also created three swords for three leaders: Sigurd, Arthur and Nuada.

These are the three leaders of Camelot Unchained’s races: the Arthurians, the Vikings and the Tuatha De Danann.

Camelot Unchained combines the allure and legend of Arthur with Celtic and Norse mythology to forge a compelling storyline with fascinating worlds.

camelot unchained

Player-Driven Economy

One of the great things about this game is that the economy is player-driven. You can’t take the easy way out here and purchase items with real money. You need to consult with a master craftsman if you want to craft weapons or gear. And you won’t be running dungeons over and over again just to get new and powerful items.

All of this is great news for gold farmers. Resources and the game’s currency will be highly valuable. And if players can’t buy items with real cash, you can sell it to them independently. There may also be ample opportunities to sell services.

camelot unchained pvp

An RVR that Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Much of what makes Camelot Unchained so great is that it puts you, the player, in the driver’s seat. You won’t need to pay extra to make these choices either. This is not a “pay to win” game. It’s subscription-based, so everything you need to get ahead in the game is already available to you.

Dungeons aren’t an integral part of gameplay, but players can jump into The Depths, which is a dark world that was inspired by the works of horror fiction legends H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Giger.

Because this isn’t a pay-to-win game, you won’t be competing with the developers when selling items, currency and services.

camelot unchained battle

Massive RVR Fun

Camelot Unchained is taking RVR to massive scale. We’re talking about huge open world battles between the three realms. It won’t be instanced either, and the developers are creating old-school servers. Players can once again take pride in their realm and the world they create.

The developers of this game are building their own engine from the ground up. Graphics aren’t a top priority. Functionality is. That’s really what matters most because if the game runs and plays well, more people will play. The more players there are, the more opportunities you have to expand your gold farming business.

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Three Realms

Let’s talk a little bit more about the three major realms: The Vikings, The Arthurians and The Tuatha De Danann. Each of these realms is based on ancient mythology and folklore.

The Arthurians are all about honesty, nobility and strength. They believe that it’s their destiny to save the world through virtue and a great spirit. There are six races in this realm:

  • Golems: Giants made of clay and fire. Mighty builders. Can transform their bodies into defenses.
  • Stormriders: Fearless warriors that pride themselves on duty and honor. They are fiercely loyal to Arthur and his goal of rebuilding Camelot.
  • St’rm: Scaly and enigmatic. No one knows where these creatures came from, and they’re happy to keep it that way.
  • Humans: A few humans managed to escape and remain untouched by the Veil. It’s believed that they were chosen for a special purpose.
  • Cait Sith: Agile and powerful, these felines are merciless when protecting their kin.
  • Gargoyles: Guardians of the eternal. Gargoyles seek harmony and peace.

The Tuatha De Danann strive to become one with nature. They honor the forest as their great protector and mother. There are six races in this realm:

  • Fir Bog: Caretakers that protect the bogs and swamps.
  • Tuatha: Tall, proud and strong. They are defenders of the woods.
  • Bean Sidhe: A ghostly race that floats across the land with their heads hovering over their bodies. Mournful creatures, they are born of unspeakable tragedy.
  • Luchorpan: Small in size, but mischievous tricksters. They are the masters of illusion and misdirection, and believe a person’s true colors are revealed through each trick.
  • Silverhands: Dedicated and strong-willed, the Silverhands sacrifice their right arms when they come of age to demonstrate their dedication.
  • Hamadryads: Great protectors of the forests, and masters of destruction. Hamadryads are one with the forest and a part of it themselves.

The Vikings are all about blood, steel and glory. A realm of fierce warriors with unyielding courage and conviction. There are six races within this realm:

  • Jotnar: Large, imposing and infused with ice. They’re known as Frost Giants, and they literally get stronger, bigger and tougher on the battlefield.
  • Valkyrie: Born of tragedy and suffering, the Valkyrie have risen above the wings of magic. Some fly, while others glide.
  • Vikings: Mighty warriors that are hungry for battle and plunder.
  • Ulfhednar: The Berzerkers. They watch for Ragnarok and the world’s end. Their battle rage is the stuff of legend.
  • Dvergar: Born deep inside of the earth, the Dvergar love jokes and are hardy warriors.

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A Note About C.U.B.E.

Aside from the main game, developers are also working on C.U.B.E., which is a standalone building game – kind of like Minecraft. The developers are using C.U.B.E. as a way to test physics, UI, destructibility, etc.

Players can build structures by manipulating blocks, and C.U.B.E. uses the same graphics engine that Camelot Unchained uses.

The great thing about C.U.B.E. is that it comes at no additional charge to backers of the game.

camelot unchained pledge

Lifetime Subscription

Camelot Unchained currently offers 9 pledge tiers, including several that offer lifetime subscriptions. Technically speaking, the “lifetime” subscriptions expire after three years, but that’s quite a long time nonetheless.

All tiers come with a multitude of benefits (see them all here), but only the top three tiers offer lifetime subscriptions. You’ll need to pledge $275, $400 or $425 to get this advantage.

camelot unchained battleground

Camelot Unchained will be a subscription-based game, and it’s generated a lot of hype. Just take a look at the game’s Facebook and Kickstarter pages. Players are anxious for this game’s release. If you make a pledge now and get in on the ground floor, you can test the game for yourself and find ways to monetize it before there’s any competition.

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