Blade and Soul Closed Beta Coming this October

Blade and Soul Closed Beta Coming this October

Blade and Soul announced that they’ll be introducing closed beta weekend at the end of October – the 30th to be exact. The news is welcomed by all fans that want to finally test out the game for themselves and see what it has to offer from an experience standpoint.

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What is Blade and Soul?

Blade & Soul is brought to you by NCSOFT; the same developers of Aion, Lineage and WildStar. What makes this game different is that you’ll traverse a world where martial arts and mythology are meeting in the ultimate showdown of power and betrayal.

Four unique races are offered where you’ll be in full control to shape your persona.

Never seen in an MMO before, you’ll be able to windwalk across the world looking at the beautiful forests, running across rivers and jumping over mountains. Your character is the epitome of power and strength, and you’ll have the ability to travel the land in ways that make fairytales seem plausible.

Like any other martial artist, you train for peace, but your students and master are all slaughtered – this is when your story begins.

The powerful Jinsoyun plans to unleash Dark Realm forces on the world, and you’re the only one that can save the day. Six classes can be chosen, and you’ll need to become a master of practice to advance through the world.

There are PvP duels to hone your skills, open world combat and of course, terrifying dungeons.

A classic struggle between good and evil ensues, with only the players able to save the world from the utter destruction that Jinsoyun can bring.

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Closed Beta Begins

Closed beta will begin for the first time in the western world on October 30th. The game is already a major success in South Korea. There will be a minimum of 5 beta weekends offered that will allow you to get a hang of the game.

The first two weekends are exclusively focused on testing the English version of the game.

There will be at least 20 days’ worth of beta testing, with players able to log into the game on Fridays at 10 am PDT and play all the way until Monday at 10 pm PDT. There will also be an extended weekend that spans from November 24 – 30 and will include all languages anticipated for launch: English, German and French.

Weekends are broken down into the following:

1. October 30 – November 2
2. November 13 – 16
3. November 24 – 30
4. December 11 – 14
5. December 18 – 21

The official beta signup has a limited amount of players that will be accepted. There will be beta key contests offered, but the only way you’ll be able to ensure that you’re added into beta is through purchasing Founder’s Packs.

blade and soul founders pack

Founder’s Pack

Founder’s Pack holders will have the advantage of being the first people in the West to test out Blade & Soul.

There are three packs offered:

  • Initiate: $24.99
  • Disciple: $74.99
  • Master: $124.99

All of these packs give you a 3 day head start, character title and access to all beta tests that occur. You’ll also receive premium points for each pack.

The higher packs offer:

  • Premium membership
  • Name reservation
  • Booster packs
  • Character alteration
  • Additional character slots
  • NCoin

If you purchase the Master pack, you’ll also be given a unique head accessory, weapon skin and costumes. It’s a great deal for anyone that not only wants to get a head start playing the game, but wants to obtain truly unique items. Only Master Founders will receive the unique head accessory, costumes and weapon skins – this will be a valuable asset if you plan to sell your account in the future.

Remember, Blade and Soul will be free-to-play at launch, but with a Founder’s Pack, you’ll have access to closed beta, head start and several other bonuses. You’ll also have the chance of getting an invite to two Technical Alpha tests.

Gold farmers will need to find ways to monetize the game. A few of the go-to methods include:

Every farmer has their own method of making money, so make sure that you get access to open beta and start testing it out for yourself. This is set to be the biggest release of a F2P game in a really long time.

blade and soul korea gameplay

One advantage to gold farmers is that players in South Korea have already played the game for years and have videos that show you the best in-game gold farming spots. A few key videos to watch include:

Some of these videos are dated, so many of the spots may not be as valuable as they once were, but you’ll need to test and verify this for yourself. As with any MMO, you’ll need to test the waters and find what unique aspects of the game you’ll be able to monetize and which areas may not be valuable.

I also recommend going to forums to see what players are saying about the game.

blade and soul jinsoyun

You’ll be able to find out the best path for character progression, which in-game items are the most valuable, and learn a lot about the in-game economy that you’ll want to take note of and research further when beta opens.

Gold is definitely able to be sold, with prices as high as $89 for 1000 gold.

Remember, these are different markets, so the prices will not be highly accurate when the Western version of the game comes out.

Trading restrictions were in place for the South Korean version of the game, so they may or may not be imposed for Western players. The restrictions do not allow players under the level of 15 trade currency, but again, this may be changed and will be something to investigate during beta testing.

blade and soul

Blade and Soul is one of the most anticipated games in a long time. Unlike many other titles, Blade & Soul already has been released in other regions, so it’s a lot easier to learn about the game and start formulating ways to play and monetize the game effectively.

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