Black Desert Online Costumes Are Ridiculously Expensive

Black Desert Online Costumes Are Ridiculously Expensive

Black Desert Online is loads of fun, and the game is now buy-to-play (B2P) for its western launch instead of free-to-play model like Korea, Japan and Russia. (thanks Exulerus for pointing out the error) The developer knows that gamers in the western world are more than happy to spend tons of money for in-game items.

The current exchange rate for the game’s currency is approximately $1 for 100 Pearls.

But don’t get me wrong, Black Desert has ensured that the items purchased are not going to give players an ultimate advantage in the game. Most of the items in the store are online costumes, which can be ridiculously expensive. There are mini-pets for sale, which can be rather useful for players, but it’s not going to be your in-game solution to dominance by any mean.

bdo item price

Understanding the Black Desert Online Store

When you buy items on the store, you’ll be purchasing Daum Cash which you can exchange for Pearls. While this data may change, the following prices exist:

  • 10 EUR / USD = 1,000 Daum Cash or 1,000 Pearls
  • 20 EUR / USD = 2,000 Daum Cash or 2,040 Pearls
  • 30 EUR / USD = 3,000 Daum Cash or 3,200 Pearls
  • 60 EUR / USD = 6,000 Daum Cash or 6,600 Pearls
  • 100 EUR / USD = 10,000 Daum Cash or 11,500 Pearls

Based on this output, you can see that you’ll receive more Pearls for the more you spend. Instead of a 10 = 1,000 Pearls ratio, it slightly increases from 100 = 11,500 Pearls ratio, which gives you more bang for your buck.

But a lot of players don’t have the money to spend on Daum Cash. After all, you’re playing a F2P game, so you probably don’t have the money to buy expensive costumes. While these costumes may not be necessary to play the game, they are a very nice addition and allow your character to be aesthetically pleasing.

bdo pets

Costume and Mini-Pet Prices

So, how much can these items really cost in the store? A character-specific, bind-on-equip costume (or armor skin) along with weapon skin, can cost as much as $32. This is a pretty big expense when you really think about it.

Guild Wars 2 has something similar, but the costume is account-bound. And the price is $10 in comparison.

Mini-pets can be earned in-game without having to spend any money, but you’ll find a lot of these mini-pets in the store. While it’s not essential to buy them, mini-pets are a vital part of the game and can make a big difference during gameplay. These small pets can cost $9 – $11 on average.

As you can see, just one costume and one mini-pet can cost you as much as $53 – that’s just for one.

daum cash price

Making Money to Buy Daum

Daum Cash requires real cash, so you need to find a way to make real money from the game and then buy Daum as a result. This can be done in a variety of different ways, and we’re going to explore all of the ways you’ll be able to make real money.

Selling Silver

Selling currency is one of the go-to ways to make real cash from any online game. As long as there is currency in a game, you’ll find people selling it to make a buck. And you’ll need to play the market when selling to maximize your real-world profit.

If you want to make silver fast, you can follow these tips:

  • Quests: The in-game quests are limited, but if you’re leveling, you can level a new character and start selling the silver that is gained from questing. It may not be the most glamorous solution to making silver, but it is a foolproof method.
  • Mob Grinding: I am not a fan of mob grinding, but it is a viable method of getting coin. Speedy respawn rates are available, and you’ll also come across equipment drops that can be sold. Tokens are also dropped, which can be traded in to an NPC.
  • Trade Routes: Trading is an easy way to make money.

Crafting and fishing are other options and allow you to sell your spoils for silver, which can then be sold for cash. Horse breeding is another solid option.

black desert online horse breeding

But maybe you don’t want to sell silver, and who can blame you? It can be boring. A few options that are possible include:

Boosting Services

A quick look for boosting services reveals that boosting providers have been seen selling a max level boost for $150. This is enough to buy nearly five costumes or 13 mini-pets. Leveling services and boosting people through quests or other challenges is a solid way to make money.

The only tip I have is don’t undersell your service.

Sell Accounts

One method that you can use to make a lot of money is to sell accounts. This is an F2P game, so you can keep creating new accounts. If you want to maximize your potential, do all of the quests, grind mobs and boost a character to maximum level.

Leave a sufficient amount of silver in the account, and sell the rest of it for a profit.

You can also sell any good items that you’ve acquired, or you can bundle everything on the account and sell your entire account for a hefty price. Lower-end accounts are selling for $50, while others with millions of silver are starting at $500.

bdo grind

In-game items can also be sold for real money.

Virtual items are a huge market, and you would be surprised by just how much a top-tier piece of gear will sell for real money. It may sound insane for someone to spend $50, $100, $200 or even more on an in-game item.

Black Desert Online may have ridiculously expensive costumes and mini-pets, but you can use the tips above to start making real money that you can either pocket or use to buy your own costumes or mini-pets.

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