Bitcoin: Trade virtual currency for cryptocurrency

Bitcoin: Trade virtual currency for cryptocurrency

Wouldn’t it be great if you could cash in your in game MMORPG currency (your gold and other resources) for cold hard cash?

Well, when you decide to go with bitcoin as your currency (instead of good old-fashioned Yankee dollars) you stand a chance to do exactly that.

Obviously, there are a couple of different nuances that you’re going to need to tackle and iron out right out of the gate before you are able to trade your virtual currency for money that you can spend on just about anything and everything you want – or stick it right in the bank or invest it in other opportunities – but hopefully by the time you’re done with this quick guide you’ll know exactly what you need to do moving forward.

Let’s dive right in!


Can you really make cold, hard cash from online gold?

Thanks to the power of modern technology, more and more people are transferring their gold and other in game resources they have been stockpiling in any different number of MMORPGs (whether through gold farming, grinding, or any other process of accumulation) into digital currencies like bitcoin – in making buckets and buckets of money in the process!

Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies) has become overwhelmingly popular in just the last few years, and as a digitally backed currency it’s become a big favorite of gamers in the online world.

However, it wasn’t until just recently people got the idea to sell all of the resources in game that they had been passing along to their different characters (resources that were usually accumulated through some pretty serious grinding) for cold, hard cash – or at least the digital equivalent of it in bitcoin!

This has allowed everyday people just like you and millions of others that the opportunity to make money playing video games, something that has remained just outside the grasp of most people across the planet.

Now, with just a bit of extra effort – and a willingness to separate yourself from the resources that you have gathered up in your favorite games – you too can pad your bank account with money made from gold farming.


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Why choose bitcoin in the first place?

Obviously, people have been selling their in game resources for money for years and years, but it’s always involved a real headache and hassle that many people have shield away from and tried to avoid.

On top of that, new companies are offering “micro-transactions” for their MMORPG platforms. These are basically abilities to pay cold hard cash (via credit card or PayPal and other payment methods) for different in game resources that you can use without grinding, without creating online trades – but that doesn’t really help you if you want to make money, not spend it!

The real reason people use bitcoin is because it is safe, secure, and amazingly popular in the gaming community today. On top of that, you will never be asked to provide your personal, private, or credit card information at any point in time – essentially allowing you to buy and sell in game resources with bitcoin without ever having to unveil your identity.


Is bitcoin safe to use?

Certainly one of the safest and most “backed up” digital currency out there (after all, PayPal is allowing people to shuffle bitcoin around with their own service – in people have been purchasing cars, houses, and other “big ticket” items with bitcoin for years), bitcoin is perfectly safe to use.

Obviously, you’re going to need to make sure that you have a proper bitcoin account set up (and your very own bitcoin “wallet”), but after that you should have no real difficulty whatsoever selling your in game resources for real money you can spend on anything else.


How do I trade my in game currency (or resources) for bitcoin?

The process to get started is pretty simple and straightforward.

The first things that you’re going to need to do is sign up for a brand-new bitcoin account and establish your own bitcoin wallet. This is probably the easiest part of the entire process, and something that you may have already tackled in the past.

If so, it’s not a terrible idea to create a new wallet that you’ll use exclusively for video game sales, but if you want to use the same old bitcoin wallet that you’ve been using right along, you are welcome to do that as well.

After that, you’ll want to set up your own website and shopping cart installations (including those from Coin Base) so that you can begin running your own little in game resources and in game currency e-commerce platform.

A free site may or may not be the right direction for you, especially if it’s free hosting – as you might be giving off a bit of a “non-trustworthy” kind of vibe. Hosting is only going to run you 40 bucks a year or maybe even less, and is certainly something that you should be able to afford.

The third thing that you’ll need to do is make sure that you are configuring your Coin Base point-of-sale solution to work with your wallet and your e-commerce tool.

From there, it’s just as simple and straightforward as starting up your own email invoices (creating a template you can fire off is a great idea), farming as many resources as you can, and then offering them up for sale via in game chat, online forums, or even social media.


Can I get started right away?

You can get started right away, and you’re encouraged to do so if you already have a stockpile of resources or game currency that you would like to offload.

Don’t be surprised if you get a number of different offers right away – as people are always looking to get their hands as many in game resources and as much in game currency without having to go through the headache and hassle of harvesting it all on their own!

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