Best to Buy Overwatch Accounts and Sell Them Off Later

Best to Buy Overwatch Accounts and Sell Them Off Later

Overwatch is hot right now. Blizzard is a dominating force in the gaming world, and the company offers more than just World of Warcraft. Overwatch offers endless fun, and I’m going to let you in on a secret: it’s free to try out from November 18 – 21.

Blizzard Announces Free Play in November

Blizzard broke the news a little over a week ago that they were allowing gamers to play Overwatch for free. What we didn’t tell you is that gamers will be able to play on:

  • PC
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

So, any self-respecting gamer will have the opportunity to join in on the Overwatch free weekend.

If you’re a gold seller looking to increase your profits, it’s time to give this game a try and see what the hype is all about. During the free weekend, players will be able to access:

  • 22 heroes
  • 13 maps
  • Quick play
  • Custom games

Players will be able to level up their free characters, and everyone will be able to enter the Weekly Brawl. Customization options can be unlocked, and Loot Boxes can be earned, too. You’ll be able to play the game just like anyone who owns it.

If you decide to buy the game after the weekend is over, you’ll be able to keep all progress made on your account.

Blizzard claims the game has over 20 million players and growing – that’s a lot of people that want to buy your services or account. The good news is that the free trial will be available in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Times are listed on the official site and are adjusted by time zone to ensure all players get an equal chance to play Overwatch.

overwatch sombra

How to Play Overwatch

Overwatch is a group game, and you’ll start by picking a role and hero. There are 22 heroes, so you’ll have plenty to choose from during the trial period. The roles that you can choose are:

  • Offense: A fun role where you seek to destroy an enemy. This is the care-free role, and a lot of people find that offense is the most fun to play.
  • Defense: The opposite role of an offense player, the defense hero aims to control the battlefield by stopping the opposing team from advancing. Defense players will fortify locations and interrupt attacks.
  • Tank: A tank has immense responsibility. Tanks lead the charge and break fortified positions.
  • Support: The support class plays the role of helping their allies. Support specialists can heal, shield team members and boost a team’s data. The team’s survival depends on the support player.

Beautiful maps are provided, and a series of objectives need to be met, depending on the type of play. There is:

  • Assault: Defenders try to defend an assault, while attackers try to meet objectives to win.
  • Escort: An escort map requires payloads to be protected. Defenders play an integral role in escort maps.
  • Control: Teams play to win two rounds in a control match where a single objective must be held at a time.

overwatch hanamura

There is also the assault/escort map, which is a mix of two maps. Attackers must attack to reach a payload and then escort it back to the final destination.

Every hero has his or her own abilities, so the game is varied depending on team composition. Quick melee attacks can be made when ammo runs out, and there are game-changing “ultimate abilities” that have the potential to change the outcome of a match.

Loot Boxes are provided as a player levels up, and they can be purchased in the in-game shop, too. These boxes are a major selling point for gold sellers because they contain random customization options that help players forge a unique look in the game.

Loot Boxes can contain credits, which are used to acquire customization options.

Players and friends can band together and play side-by-side in Overwatch. Ai-controlled heroes can help complete a group, too, which allows players to practice and learn the game’s mechanics.

Blizzard also offers the Overwatch World Cup, which is a competitive tournament with groups from across the world competing. South Korea and Russia entered the final match. The winner of the match is the first ever to lift the Overwatch World Cup – South Korea won.

overwatch reaper

What Players Will Want to Buy

As you can see, there is a lot going for Overwatch. The free weekend is sure to lure in countless players that will get hooked and decide to buy the game to keep playing. There will be a lot of people looking to buy accounts, too.

People want a solution to the best customizations, heroes and highest levels.

Selling Overwatch accounts will explode after the weekend, and as we move toward the holiday season, we expect to see account sales pick up even further.

My advice to you: buy high-end accounts for cheap, and sell them at a premium.

Aside from accounts, you’ll be able to sell:

  • Games: People are selling a certain number of unranked games. One seller is selling 10 unranked games for $28.
  • Leveling Services: Sell leveling services, and you’ll find that you’ll make a bundle. One seller is willing to level your character from 1 to 25 for $121.
  • Experience: A specified number of experience can be sold. A seller is selling 100,000 xp for $26 – a great deal.
  • Rankings: Competitive players will want to boost their ranks, and this is costly. A boost from 1000 – 1500 costs $72, while a 2000 – 2500 boost costs $109. Boosts in the 3000 – 3500 range are $300, while 3900 – 4000 is $267.

Accounts will have a few metrics that dictate their price:

  • Level
  • Heroes
  • Customizations

overwatch loot boxes

And if the account has all heroes and customizations, it’s an account that will sell for top dollar. Rare items, such as those provided via Blizzcon or other special events, boost the value of an account drastically.

Keep in mind that the associated account will be transferred, so this is an entire or Xbox live account. PlayStation accounts need to be transferred, too.

So, this weekend, join in on the fun and experience the hype behind Overwatch.

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