ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds fantasy MMORPG

ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds fantasy MMORPG

Beautifully designed, ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds is a fantasy MMORPG that is inspired by the world’s greatest myths and legends brought to you with stunning visuals thanks to the CryEngine 3. Even on lower-end PCs, the game runs smoothly and is graphic intensive.

ASTA offers intuitive controls that allow advanced players ease of use while ensuring new players can play the game effortlessly.

You’ll be fully immersed in gameplay, no matter your skill level or experience.

And, you’ll be able to enjoy both PvE and PVP content.

Let’s take a look at what this game has in store for you.

asta raid

A Legendary Feel

Sometimes, you want to play a game that makes you feel legendary; this is what ASTA offers. You’ll be testing your skills in epic fashion. Through battlefields, raids and dungeons, you’ll be immersed in a beautiful fantasy world that allows you to play with your comrades to overcome massively powerful foes.

The developers recently released the official beta trailer on October 8, 2015. In the trailer, you’ll be able to see what ASTA has to offer. And, you’ll instantly notice that the world is vibrant and vast. Colorful environments will immerse players and offer unique character options (which we will talk about shortly). ASTA allows you to enter a fantasy world where you have an effect on the outcome.

But don’t worry, there is so much more to this game than meets the eye.

You’ll be introduced to an interface that is much like World of Warcraft. This is both good and bad. As a veteran of World of Warcraft, you’ll feel right at home in ASTA. And, new players will enjoy an intuitive interface.

Some of the similar features include:

  • Character Creation
  • Talents
  • Currency
  • Player Labels
  • Icon Placement
  • Map Placement
  • Target Bars

But, it’s important to note that this is not another WoW clone.

asta pve

PVE Environment

As with every MMO, you’ll enjoy party gameplay as well as solo gameplay at all times. You can choose to depart on a quest so that you can level your character, or you can enjoy one of the following with several other players:

  • Dungeons: Epic dungeons await all players. You’ll have the traditional tank, DPS and healer roles. Dungeons are short, epic battles that you will partake in to obtain higher level gear and items.
  • Raids: Raids are what you expect in virtually every MMO. These are encounters where you fight massively powerful foes with 10 or more players by your side. Battling the world’s greatest threats, you’ll face larger-than-life monsters that you could only overcome in a group setting.

There are even daily raids which you can join and play with others. A dungeon finder is in the game that will allow you to connect with other players attempting to complete a dungeon objective.

The entire world is set in an open world environment. You’ll be able to traverse the world on foot or on a mount. While you play, you’ll also be able to obtain cute, friendly pets that will accompany you on your journey.

As a gold seller, this is where you’ll earn most of your money. We’ve already seen some of the many ways that you can optimize this game, including:

  • selling currency
  • leveling services
  • boosting players through dungeons and raids
  • selling pets

And, you’ll also find that there is an advanced PVP system.

asta boss

PVP Environment

Player versus player combat is available in ASTA. You’ll be able to test your skills against other players in a variety of ways. First, you’ll be able to fight other players in open world battle. This is very similar to how World of Warcraft works. You’ll essentially flag yourself so that you can attack other players.

But, you’ll also enter into battlegrounds.

Battlegrounds are where you’ll test your might as you fight players from all across the world. Divided into two teams, you’ll need to help your team achieve the main goal of the battleground. This can be holding an objective point, or fighting to the death.

There are also arena battles. Arenas are where you’ll fight with one or more of your friends to the death. You’ll face a different team and advance in the rankings along the way. This will allow you to become a skilled PVP player. Little is known on how the ranking system will work on the live game. In beta, the system is a little difficult due to long wait times.

There will also be guild battles. These are battles where you and your place guild will face other guilds in battle.

One of the topics that I would like to discuss is crafting. The developers have mentioned that crafting will be an extensive part of the game, but they have yet to release any information about the crafting options in ASTA.

asta battle

What will The War of Tears and Winds hold?

We’re not exactly positive. What we have seen from gameplay is that there is a way to enhance your items. But, this is different than normal enhancement professions and other MMO’s. Why? Because, the interface looks more like a jackpot wheel than a standard enhancement interface. It looks as if you’ll roll, for currency, in the hopes that your gear will be enhanced in the process. But, the stats are random. So, it’s a way for you to spend currency and have a chance to boost your character’s stats in the process.

We heard about ASTA in 2010. Initially, the developers thought that beta would be held in 2013. However, development did not meet projections and beta is now November 3, 2015. The company has stated that beta will last one month, and will allow players to test features and also provide a stress test for launch.

Note: All character data will be wiped after beta.

ASTA will be free to play, and the familiar environment, similar to WoW, allows us an opportunity to make extra money selling services and gold. You’ll be able to sell many of the same services that you do now: currency, boosting, PVP boosting, selling rare items and selling pets, to name a few.

Register to join beta and find ways to monetize ASTA for yourself.

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