ArcheAge: The Beginner’s Guide

ArcheAge: The Beginner’s Guide

Archeage the beginner’s guide will be useful to players who are interested in the newest and most widely hyped videogames released in recent years.

ArcheAge is a Korean MMORPG that is uniquely described as sandpark game. The game takes elements from sandbox games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars and combines it with the huge stunts and set pieces of a theme park game.

ArcheAge is becoming more and more popular because of its free-to-play business model and huge player-controlled world. This guide will be useful for anyone who wants to start playing ArcheAge, but doesn’t know anything about the game’s core features.

When you start the game, you’ll be asked to pick between six unique races that each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The races are:

Nuians – Human characters who are all around fighters and have a perk called Warrior Architects that decreases the amount of time required to construct buildings and houses

Elves – They are similar to humans except they have the long ears and feminine bodies commonly associated with elves. Elves are able to hold their breath underwater for longer than any other race and can swim five percent faster than normal characters

Firrian – Cat people that have increased agility and combat abilities, the Firrian take reduced fall damage and have an increased climb speed

Harani – A different clan of human characters who rely on teleporting abilities to get them out of trouble, the Harani have reduced cooldown on the recall ability and can gather resources ten percent faster

Waterborn – Amphibious, humanoid creatures who are able to stay under water indefinitely and explore the sea floor

Dwarves – Shorter and stronger than the other races, Dwarves are the best miners and blacksmiths in the game

After you pick your class, you’re able to pick one of ten skill sets that will mold the way you play. Any skill set can be combined with any race, making for over 120 unique classes. As your character gains levels, you’ll unlock new abilities in your skill set and become more powerful.

The skill sets are: Battlerange, Sorcery, Archery, Vitalism, Occultism, Shadowplay, Defense, Auramancy, Witchcraft, and Songcraft.


archeage quest



The most basic feature of any MMORPG is its questing system. ArcheAge gives the player an advanced quest log that can be accessed by pressing the L key, and includes every quest the player picks up during their travels.

When the player talks to an NPC they are given instructions on how to complete the quest and are given a quest marker on their map. Sometimes the instructions can be pretty vague, so do your best to follow along with whatever the NPC says.

After you accept your quest, a marker appears on your map giving you the relative location of where you’re supposed to go. The locations the game gives aren’t always precise, so be prepared to look around for quest related items and monsters.

Keep in mind that if another player has recently come through and slain a quest monster you will need to wait for it to respawn before completing your mission.


archeage gameplay


Grinding is Bad

Many of the quests you are given in ArcheAge will activate a long quest chain that will provide great rewards if you complete them all.

Think of the quest chains as little stories contained in the overall game that you could explore and be a part of. ArcheAge puts much of its in-game focus on quests, so leveling, gold, and items are all directly related to questing. Leveling up through quests is much easier than grinding on mobs, which doesn’t yield much experience or gold.

Even simple quests that seem beneath you will offer more gold and experience than grinding. Farming gold by fighting mobs will also drain your health and mana, which will result in more downtime and less solid game play. If you’re short on gold, there’s always extra gold here for Archeage US and Archeage EU servers.


archeage mounts



The main form of overland travel in the game, mounts are the player’s constant companions who will follow them on every quest. The mounts can be used for traveling and extra support if you get into a battle with other players or NPC.

The player raises their mount during a quest at the very beginning of the game following the tutorial missions, so you have your steed throughout the whole game. Your mount can be leveled up, equipped with armor, and given masks to make it more ferocious in battle.

ArcheAge lets you purchase additional mounts at the stables if you want a secondary animal to accompany you in your travels.

Six of the races have their own unique mounts:

• Nuians have Lilyut Horses that can carry them great distances quickly

• Elves have Elks that can use powerful magical abilities to fight off enemies

• Firrians ride Snowlions that are deadly in battle

• Haranis get a Lemomorph, which is a mix between a lion, a Chinese dragon, and a kangaroo

• Dwarves ride a donkey that can be upgraded to be super effective in battle

• Waterborn have Yatas that can fly around the map and go underwater


archeage glider



Gliders take the form of an upgradeable hang glider that you can use to soar across the map and are one of the best forms of travel. Once you reach level ten you are given a quest that will give you your first hang glider as a reward.  Even if you don’t complete the quest, you can still buy a hang glider at the in-game store.


archeage profession



In ArcheAge, the player can choose from a wide number of jobs to make some extra in-game cash. While there are a wide variety of professions to choose from, ArcheAge has done a good job of making sure that they’re all enjoyable to perform and well balanced.

If you’re new to ArcheAge, some of the best professions to start with are Mining, Weaponry, Gathering, Metalwork, or Alchemy. They are easily accessible for players who are new to MMORPGs and don’t want to get bogged down by complex tasks.

It’s important to remember that if you need gold, you can always opt to buy some from With the extra gold, you’ll be able to focus more on having fun instead of grinding for more money.


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