Archeage Patron

Archeage Patron

Archeage Patron

Archeage is an RPG game that was developed by Jake Song, a Korean developer and his company, the XL Games, was the same company that’s behind the Lineage. The game was first released in Korea last January 15, 2013. Eventually, it was released in Europe and North America last September 16, 2014.

The game is described as a “sand park MMORPG” that the developers refer to as the hybrid of an open content style of the sandbox game as well as the more structured game play experience of a theme park game. The game has become a big hit among RPG gamers and because of its success, several upgrades were made.

The latest offering for this game is the Archeage Patron, which is an option for players to get the most out of their Archeage game. Read on to find out more about this. With the Archeage, you will be able to raise your own mount and then fight your way towards a dungeon. If you are new to Archeage, be sure to check out the beginner’s guide for Archeage.

The game also allows you to create the best armor that can help you to win your game. You also get to build open world houses and farms and then sail your ship towards high seas where you can trade with some foreign ports, fight with other players for plunder and swoop-in with airships.

Another exciting thing about Archeage is that it allows you to claim a piece of land which you can use for your guild and then fight with others in order to defend your territory.

There are certainly lots of great things that you can enjoy on the game and you can feel the excitement even more once you upgrade to the Archeage Patron status.




Becoming a Patron

As mentioned, the Patron subscription option of the Archeage is a great way for you to get the most out of your Archeage game. It is packed with a lot of exclusive features as well as some expanded benefits within the game.

The subscriptions are available in various recurring options that are in varying length. If you really want to get ahead of the competition, then you should subscribe for the Archeage Patron. So how are you going to become a patron? Becoming a patron is easy.

But first, you need to purchase some gold which you can later on use to upgrade to the Patron status. What’s great about becoming a patron is that there is no longer a need for you to grind gold. But this is actually just one of the plus points that you can enjoy for being a Patron status.

You could even sell off your excess gold in exchange for monetary gains.


archeage marketplace


Archeage Patron Exchange

Players should keep in mind that in order for them to be able to achieve the Patron status, they will need APEX or the Archeage Patron Exchange. APEX is that item that gives credits as soon as it is opened.

This can be traded with other players and can be purchased as well. The APEX allows hardworking players to upgrade to the Archeage Patron status with the use of their in game currency, which is the gold. This also minimizes the time that players will have to spend in generating gold.

The credits that the APEX will provide can be redeemed for Patron Passes or you can also choose to spend the credits on a wide range of items and all those boosts and upgrades that you can find on the in-game Marketplace.Basically, the APEX is a tradable item that can be purchased using real money which can then be exchanged for cash points or credits.

As stated, you can use your APEX credits to purchase items from the Marketplace which you can also sell to other players in the game. The pricing of the APEX is similar to RIFT, which is $10 for a total of 1,250 credits.

If you want the 30 day Archeage Patron pass, then you will need to have two APEX credits and two times $10 will leave you with a total of $5 which you can spend on the game’s Marketplace.


patron benefits


Benefits of Becoming a Patron

Knowing the perks and benefits of becoming an Archeage Patron can help you to decide if it is really worth it to upgrade to this status. So refer below for the list of benefits that you can earn for being a patron.

Auction House Listing – you will have full access to the selling and listing items within the Auction House if you upgrade to patron status.

Bonus Experience – you will be able enjoy a 10% bonus on all Experiences that you will gain by means of combat, questing, as well as labor usage.

Deep Sleeper Bonus – players who upgraded to the Patron status will also earn labor points of 5/5 min even if they are offline.

Land Ownership – you will be able to claim and own a piece of land when you upgrade where you can place farms and houses in.

Loyalty Tokens – 5 Loyalty Tokens will be earned every time you log in on a day. You can redeem these tokens for some special items from the in-game store.

Max Labor Bonus – by upgrading to the Archeage Patron status, you get to increase your maximum Labor Points up to 5,000.

Patron Queue – by upgrading, you will receive priority queuing as soon as you get on the game.

Work Ethic Bonus – if you upgrade to the Patron status, you will be able to double your Labor Point regeneration to as much as 10/5 min.


Loyalty and Patron

Remember that the Loyalty Tokens cannot be shared with EU and NA continents. They are separate from each other.

The patron pricing will be similar to the RIFT which is $15 for each month and your patron period will begin the moment that you log in whether as a Head Start or as launch. So if you want to be able to fully enjoy your game at Archeage, it’s about time that you upgrade to the Archeage Patron status.

Once you become one, you will realize that all the gold and APEX credits that you will spend are definitely worth it.


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