ArcheAge Patron Status: Progress faster and further than ever before

ArcheAge Patron Status: Progress faster and further than ever before

ArcheAge brings you into the lands of Erenor in one of the most anticipated games of 2014. Fun for all ages, players can travel by land, sea or air, complete quests and of course, enter immersive dungeons, such as the Howling Abyss.

ArcheAge is loads of fun, but is it really pay-to-win?

The community is torn because while the game is free to play, it also has the coveted “Patron” status. What does this do? Being a patron allows players to reap member benefits that other players without the status simply don’t receive.

If a player has the ability to change the game’s mechanics with real money through the cash shop, I view this as pay-to-win. To get a full understanding of the power behind being a patron, you need to know the power that patron status offers.


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What Patron Status Offers

When you want to take ArcheAge to the next level, you’ll find that being a patron is the only choice. As a patron, you’ll receive:

  • Work Ethic Bonus, doubling Labor point regeneration to 10 per 5 minutes.
  • Deep Sleeper Bonus, allowing you to earn 5 Labor points every 5 minutes while offline.
  • Max Labor Bonus, increasing your Labor points cap to 5,000.
  • Bonus Experience, which grants 10% bonus to all experience gained through questing, combat, and Labor usage.
  • Loyalty Tokens that are redeemable in the in-game store for special items (5 tokens granted per day).
  • Land Ownership, offering you the ability to claim land by placing farms and houses.
  • Auction House Listing, granting full access to listing and selling items on the AH.
  • Patron Queue, so you receive priority queue when entering Erenor.
  • Bonus Credits, allowing you to receive 10% bonus credits when buying a Credit Pack.


Free players do not receive this much power. Instead, free players have much lower limitations, such as:

  • Regenerate 5 Labor points every 5 minutes only when logged in.
  • No offline Labor point regeneration.
  • Maximum Labor points of 2,000.
  • Can only purchase from the auction house.
  • Cannot own land.


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Let’s face it, public farms don’t provide you with the items to complete quests, and they’re always overrun. Illegal farming is an option, but thieving will occur.

You’ll also take a big risk by not paying taxes, which can land your character in trouble.


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Ways to Get Patron Status

Without Patron status, you’re severely limited. As every player knows, the crafted gear in the game is the best gear. You’ll also be able to conduct trading trade-packs across seas or to cities easier.

Trade runs or thieving are great ways to earn gold, but without the gear, you’re at a huge disadvantage.

Getting patron status gives you leverage to play the game more freely and with more character power. There are 2 ways to get patron status:

The Trion website offers a monthly fee for Patron status. You’ll need to pay $14.99 per month to enjoy Patron membership and all of the added perks that go along with it.

Buy Gold
Fast, easy and efficient. Many players, me included, choose to buy gold and use in-game gold to buy
Apex. This may sound complicated, but it’s a breeze:

  1. Buy gold in your region (US or EU).
  2. Buy Apex in-game.
  3. Consume 2 Apex crystals.
  4. Buy a 30-day pass with just 2,400 credits.

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Apex will provide you with 1,250 credit each. The excess credits can be used to jumpstart your character’s success by buying in-game gear.

Note: Apex costs can vary. You’ll find that the average costs are between 270 – 400 in-game

There’s also a free way to get Patron status if you have a lot of time on your hands. This involves spending all of your free time in-game:

  • Farming
  • Gathering
  • Doing trade runs
  • Crafting
  • Doing every last quest
  • Spending Labor points wisely


This will all need to be done on a daily basis to be able to earn enough in-game gold to finally buy patron status.

If this seems very tedious, it is. You’ll need to be extremely dedicated and depending on the cost of Apex, you may have to spend weeks farming to earn enough gold.

Oh, and one other thing – you’ll need to be level 32 – 50.

When playing, keep a close eye out for ores and herbs along the way. Remember, every last silver and copper counts. You’ll need at least 27,000 silver or 2,700,000 copper to buy Apex. It’s a long, hard road.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend every last moment in the game farming, and you don’t want to spend more on patron status than necessary. The only reasonable thing to do is buy gold.


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Gold Buying From the Right Resource

If you’ve ever bought gold before, it can be a hit or miss. Some providers are either overpriced and never deliver, or it can be hard to find a sustainable source for gold. is the go-to gold provider. Not only reputable, gold is reasonably priced and there’s always a steady stream waiting to be sold.

Opening their doors to the ArcheAge user base, you’ll be able to buy enough gold to pay for your Apex and have some leftover. The process is simple too:

  1. Choose US or EU.
  2. Find your server.
  3. View sellers and choose the cheapest price.
  4. Choose your quantity.
  5. Buy your gold.

Sellers are also given a status, so you’ll see which seller is verified and which isn’t. Obviously, you’ll want to choose verified sellers and a seller with the best delivery time. Many sellers will provide you with your gold within hours.

G2G is a trusted source that has provided gold to thousands of players.

But it gets even better. You’ll be able to:

  • Buy Patron Membership for cheaper than going through Trion.
  • Keep the extra gold for further purchases.
  • Start leveling and reaping membership benefits without spending days farming.


Want something even better? You can sell the extra gold back for real money on G2G.

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The Next Month Dilemma
Being a patron is so powerful that you won’t need to buy gold again; not for patron status at least.

With the ability to earn Labor points faster, own your own farm and use the auction house, it’s very easy to keep buying the status with in-game gold that you earn.

It’s only the initial purchase that’s difficult.

The extra Labor points earned can be used to advance your character’s skill, or to make a profit by buying raw materials, crafting items or gathering items. You never have to stay in-game for Labor points to be added.


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Labor points and the ability to sell on the auction house equal in-game freedom. Mine, farm, fish, craft or do trade runs to earn gold. Don’t forget, you’ll also earn Loyalty tokens that can be turned in for specialty items.

So, is ArcheAge free to play? For elite players, you need patron status to craft better items, farm at faster speeds and do trade runs optimally. If you’re not enjoying patron status, you’re at a disadvantage.

Illegal farmers will find your plot and steal the fruits of your labor – or labor points for that matter.

As a patron, you have the right to own land that others simply can’t enter and steal away your crops.

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