Any ways to Make Money from Albion Online?

Any ways to Make Money from Albion Online?

Albion Online is the first, true cross platform medieval sandbox that is available on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and OSX). The game pits you in a dangerous world that has been thrust into peril and violence.

The game follows Merlin and the story of King Arthur following the great battle with the powerful witch Morgana.

Evil, devastation and revenge await as the monsters of the underworld rise up following Merlin and Morgana’s cataclysmic battle of magic.

albion online battle

And a lot of people are hyped up about this game. The game’s Facebook page has over 54,000 likes, which shows that there are some eager people waiting to dive into the game, and it’s definitely a worthwhile choice for gold farmers.

The game was first going to be free-to-play, but things have changed. The game will be buy-to-play with a soft subscription available. In fact, this was all divulged on a reddit AMA, which can be read here.

What’s the most important part of the AMA?

The group behind Albion Online announced how their business model works:

  • The game is buy-to-play, meaning you need to buy the core game.
  • Soft subscriptions are available. This is called “premium status” that allows you to progress faster.

And if you don’t go premium, you’ll just progress slower. The good news is that the developer isn’t just after your hard earned money – not fully at least. You’ll have multiple avenues to be able to pay for premium:

  • Premium currency (gold)
  • Regular currency (silver)

This is really neat because you don’t have to spend any real cash on buying premium, but you’ll need to spend a few hours a month to be able to acquire all of the necessary currency to play. It’s a way to keep people online in the game and provide them with a bonus for being a dedicated player.

albion marketplace

The Bonus of Premium Currency

If you’re wondering what premium currency (gold) offers, it’s used for vanity items, such as special items for your house or skins for your character. Another bonus is that gold can be traded with other players in exchange for items.You can also convert the gold to silver if you trade with other players on the gold/silver exchange.

So you don’t need the premium currency, but the perks will draw in hardcore players.

If you want to sell gold, it will be worth the effort to go premium. You can also find people paying for silver. Since people can pay for premium status with this currency, it is going to be a vital part of the game and your efforts to make money off of the game.

You won’t be able to exchange currency outside of player trades.

A Lot of People Are Founders

The company boasted that they’ve raised over $7 million from people that are Founders. A total of 150,000 people decided to become founders, which allows the small independent studio to continue with the development process of the game.

The company has stated that their servers can easily handle 10,000 people at a time.

Everyone resides on one server cluster, so it’s a giant game world that offers limitless potential for you to sell currency and services.

A lot of people state that the game will be a lot more popular than the developers are expecting. Why? There were times in earlier beta where there were over 30,000 people online at the same time – a massive number for any game.

This makes selling items, services and other items easy because everyone will be on the same realm or world.

albion inventory

The Economy is Vital to Gameplay

If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, you know that you can live without the economy being a real factor. Sure, you might use the AH to make gold, but you can get through the game without ever having to sit on the AH.

Now, a long time ago in BC, this may have been difficult, as flying mounts were costly and quests gave mediocre gold, but things have changed.

When playing Albion Online, it’s a lot different. The economy is an essential part of the game that you cannot ignore. There is a great risk versus reward system going on where gear is very, very powerful and makes a huge difference in gameplay.

  • Each gear tier is 9% more powerful than the previous.
  • Each tier is up to 10 times more rare than previous tiers, depending on the tier.
  • PvP allows you to take the other person’s gear, meaning you need the upper hand, or you can lose your gear.

A player walking alone can be “jumped” by another group and lose all of his gear as a result. People can also take over a guild’s land, meaning you may be able to make money from offering protection if you’re very well-geared. You can become a bodyguard of sorts and make real money for it.

albion morgana

How to Make Real Money on Albion Online

The game is awesome, and it’s going to be a major hit for anyone that has read the stories of King Arthur and finds the mystique of Merlin, the most famous magician to ever live, enticing. Players will need to understand the game’s mechanics, and this can only be done by getting your hands dirty and playing the game.

Lucky for you the final beta is going on, so you can sign up and play the game right now – we recommend it. Click here to sign up for the final beta.

When you start up the game, you’ll find that they’ve updated it three times since beta started with massive patches of content. Now there are over 500 zones offered, which makes the game massive – you’ll feel like you’re playing your first MMO again.

Playing should be focused on ways to make real money on the game. A few of the go-to ways are:

  • Sell currency
  • Offer boosting services
  • Sell game accounts
  • Sell founder accounts
  • Sell in-game items
  • Sell protection services

albion guild battle

Albion Online is a lot of fun, too, so you’ll find yourself immersed in gameplay for hours. And with one large world filled with thousands of players, you’ll find no shortage of people to sell your items or services to.

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