Albion Online – First True Cross-Platform Medieval Sandbox

Albion Online – First True Cross-Platform Medieval Sandbox

Albion Online dubs itself as the first, true cross-platform medieval sandbox game. Featuring stunning graphics and a fight for your life, the game is placed in the medieval era with you traversing the dangerous worlds. Along the way, you’ll be collecting goods, crafting weapons and armor, hunting, and tending your own farm in an attempt to survive.

An amazing game with a lot of potential, Albion Online won’t be out until early 2016, but you can sign up for beta and test the game out for yourself.

Farmers that want to diversify the way that they make money off of the digital world will find that Albion is the perfect candidate for making a little extra money off of your farming. Also, the game has stunning graphics and a lot of fun ways to customize your character. And, with a player-driven economy, you’ll have plenty of ways to monetize this game.

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Game Introduction

Albion is a dangerous world that has spiraled into peril. The name may sound familiar, and that is because Albion is the “goal” of Merlin: the story of King Arthur. After the Great War, Morgana, the powerful sorceress who fought Merlin, is still causing mayhem in the world.

While she may have been weakened, her disciples walk the lands, causing devastation all in the name of revenge.

There are several foes you’ll meet along the way:

  • Heretics: Crazed and murderous, the Heretics are victims of war that have been corrupted due to the power struggle that ensued.
  • Keepers of Albion: Fighting fiercely for their home, the Keepers of Albion use dangerous magic to fight and return their lands to peace from everyone – including you.
  • The Undead: The dead do not remain dead for long. Dark magic returns restless spirits that prey on adventurers.
  • Demons from Hell: A name fit for the underworld. These nasty demons will try to force through the gates of the underworld into Albion and are willing to kill anyone in their way.

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Cross Platform Design

Many games claim to be cross-platform but simply leave players on one operating system. Albion offers exceptional cross-platform gameplay, supporting the following devices:

  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS (not available yet)

As a gold farmer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sell your items and services across every platform.


Become a Founder

Whether you’re interested in gaining an advantage over your foes or you want a jump-start so you can start selling sooner, you can become a founder. This offers the ability to start playing the game before anyone else, and you’ll get a lot of unique items in the process.

Founder packs come in three options:

  • Veteran: For $29.95, you’ll gain access to closed beta, you’ll receive 2,000 gold and you’ll also get 30 days premium account access.
  • Epic: For $49.95, you’ll get level 2 closed beta access, 4,500 gold and 60 days of premium account access.
  • Legendary: For $99.95, you’ll get level 1 closed beta access, 12,000 gold and 90 days premium account access.

You’ll also get a lot of extras, such as housing options, equipment, nametags and numerous option items based on the pack purchased.

For anyone that wants to play the game, this is a significant advantage that will allow you to get a jump on the game as fast as possible.

Fight for Your Life

Intensive PvP battles take place in the open world of Albion. You’ll be able to team up with friends and fight against hordes of other players.

If you don’t want to PvP, there are powerful PvE battles that take place all across the lands, with powerful beasts around every corner. For real fun, you’ll want to join a guild where you and your guild can engage in GvG warfare.

You’ll be able to expand your empire and take over land from invaders.


Player Driven Economy

Want to monetize Albion Online? There are plenty of ways you can monetize this game thanks to the player-driven economy. The game allows for:

  • Farming: Take a break from fighting and go to your own private island with crops and animals. The food harvested can be sold on the market or given to your guild.
  • Gathering & Hunting: Medieval life wasn’t easy, and creating the world’s most dangerous weapons requires you to hunt and gather. Mine materials, chop down trees and hunt to get the items you need to be victorious.
  • Craft Armor and Weapons: Weapons, tools and armor can all be crafted in-game, or sold.
  • Haul Your Goods Around The World: You’ll need to transport your goods around Albion, but your carriage will be slow, and there are thieves around every corner trying to steal what’s rightfully yours.

Marketplaces exist in the world that allow you to trade your goods with other players. It’s no surprise that high-profile goods will fetch top dollar at the marketplace.

real estate

Real Estate and Player Housing

You get to own your own piece of Albion where you can build, decorate and furnish your home. With distinct bonuses from your home’s furniture, you’ll spend a lot of time decorating and boosting your player away from the world.

Owning your own corner of the world, you can create 50 buildings to create your very own city.

There will undoubtedly be ways to expand your city with unique and special buildings that are very hard to create. This will be a huge money-making option.


Play How You Want

True character customization starts with the destiny board. You don’t have to pick a class, and you get to choose your player’s path. This allows for a truly free gaming experience that is different from most MMO titles.

It’s a great game with a lot of potential.

There are rumors swirling that co-op missions may be added and that cosmetic skins may be added in the game as well. If you’re a gold seller and you’re looking for ways to diversify your income, it’s time to sign up for beta access to Albion and test the game out for yourself.

You’ll find that there are a lot of ways to monetize the game.

Click here to sign up for beta access today.

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