Aion’s community is about to be in Upheaval

Aion’s community is about to be in Upheaval

The free-to-play MMORPG is adding numerous new features to attract gamers. NCSOFT’s flagship massively multiplayer online RPG, Aion, was first released in 2009 and since then has been ever-evolving and improving. In few hours time, Aion will be going through yet another expansion titled Upheaval.

aion class

Advanced Character Development and Skills

Currently, Aion offers players the choice of rolling one of four classic RPG character archetypes: Mage, Scout, Priest and Warrior. Each of these four classes has two to three specialized classes which are unlocked once players reach a certain level.

These advanced roles include Gladiator, Templar, Assasin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Aethertech and Songweaver. Some players had complained that the choices of skills, or Stigma, once the specialized class had been chosen were too complicated and unfriendly for new players.

Upheaval aims to simplify the Stigma system. Each player-created character, called a Daeva, is now allowed to choose six Stigmas followed by a seventh that is defined by the first six chosen. Players will have to carefully pick their initial Stigmas so that in the end, their character’s seventh is to their satisfaction.

However, if the results are not satisfying, players may reset their Stigma and try new combinations until they find a suitable lineup of skills. In addition to the changes the Stigma system will undergo, the actual UI for characters’ skills will be made much more efficient. Unlike in previous expansions for Aion, as low-level skills increase in power, the lesser versions will disappear from the skills menu.

Emotes, Actions and Crafting skills have all been moved to a separate menu accessible by pressing on the function button in the skills menu. Many simple changes such as MP costs and cooldown times of old skills will also be tweaked with the release of Upheaval.

aion zones

Innovative Zones to Explore

Once players have worked out the intricacies of the new character building system, they have plenty of new space to test out their new powers. With the introduction of Upheaval, two completely new zones are being added to the world of Atreia – Cygnea and Enshar.

The lands in Cygnea and Enshar are expansive; containing large forest biomes, wastelands as well as aquatic areas. Both new zones feature numerous nautical themes very heavily. Many of the areas in the zones appear to be taken directly out of the ocean and placed on land. According to the lore of Aion, this is precisely what has happened – once underwater kingdoms have been relocated to the land.

Cygnea and Enshar feature creatures which range from shark-men hybrids to fearsome dragons ready to tear players’ characters limb from limb. Each enemy will present an array of novel challenges for both new and returning players.

aion gears

Formidable New Equipment

In order to even the playing field in Cygnea and Enshar, three new sets of armor and weapons will be released alongside the new zones in Upheaval. The first set, the Dark Lord set, combines sharp metal pieces and black cloth to represent the Dragon Lord’s darkness. The Sea Feast set is the polar opposite of the Dark Lord’s.

It is made up of almost all light-colored pieces complimented by nautical accessories such as starfish, shells and fabric mimicking fins.  If the Dark Lord and Sea Feast sets are for the grizzled combat veterans, the third set, Wave Song, is for the lighthearted adventurers in Atreia. The set design of the Wave Song set is once again compiled of many ocean-themed pieces. Squid and Octopi feature prominently in this innocent, playful set.

According to NCSOFT, the Wave Song set “proves that life is more fun under the sea.” With each of the three sets comes a full array of new weapons to match their styles. All of the weapon-types that have become familiar to Aion players will be present, everything from the Cipher-blades to the Harps. Each weapon will have a brand new skin on it that completes the look of each new set.

Enchanting is an absolute necessary for progression. Prepare lots of kinah to increase the stats on your new weapons and gears. It will make a huge difference in the long run.

With so many choices, deciding on which set to pick is going to be tough! Not to mention, the numerous new mounts being added in Upheaval, the combinations will be near endless.

aion raid

Challenging Raids to Test the New Max-Level Players

Raids are the ultimate challenge for players of any MMORPG. Aion will be adding two new raids in its new expansion – Stonespear Reach and Drakenspire Depths. The first, Stonespear Reach resembles a large arena.

According to lore, it is an ancient fighting ground of religious and cultural importance. The Tejhi people use the location as a focus for the meditation because it represents the barrier between sky and ocean.

However, the true dangers (and rewards) of Stonespear Reach has yet to be revealed. Drakenspire Depths is a much darker and sinister dungeon. Its purpose is to act as a living prison; however, its inmates are trapped by the dark surrounding them not by a warden or guards.

The Depths are home to Ereshkigal, a dragon lord, waiting to decimate any adventures who dare to enter his realm. Although Ereshkigal has dwelled in Drakenspire for countless years, now he has become empowered with the help of Beritra. Both raids will be the toughest challenges for players to face once they have reached max-level and thoroughly explored the new zones.


Preparing for the Coming Upheaval

What do players need in order to survive the new adventures presented by Upheaval?  The first answer is always the same in every MMORPG – more money. Players should immediately start caching plenty of kinah so that any items that may become a necessity in Upheaval will be easily purchased.

If you are struggling to earn a large enough sum, you should farm more kinah or make a cash purchase of some kinah so you are more prepared.

Where I get my kinah usually :-

See also: Should You Get the Aion Prestige Pack?

You should also need to focus on clearing the inventory space, if you have a very limited number of open spots you will struggle to collect the new materials introduced with Upheaval.  Newer materials are always far more valuable than those of the past.

If players have multiple characters they should be attempting to prepare many of the same things as on their main account including money and bag space. If a player is interested in the new zones, gear and raids but hasn’t quite reached the current level-cap, a fully leveled up character may be purchased via:-

Finally, in order to make leveling, gathering and raiding as efficient as possible, players should coordinate with their legionnaires and try to make a set schedule for questing, collecting, exploring and leveling up. Working as a team always makes a new adventure much easier.

Good Luck in Upheaval!

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