7 New Upcoming MMORPGs

7 New Upcoming MMORPGs

Looking to find new games that you can monetize? As a gold farmer or a service seller, you need to stay in the loop and know what new games are hitting the market. The recent announcement that WoW has lost 1.5 million subscribers in this last quarter means gold sellers need to start diversifying.

What new games are coming out?

Several promising MMORPGs are hitting the market. Let’s take a look at all of these games and what they have to offer.

project genom

1.Project Genom

A Sci-fi MMORPG that puts players in the driver’s seat to save mankind. These humans don’t live on earth, but have found a new life on Avalon. This is a one-of-a-kind shooter that allows players to create their own unique character.

From close combat to team battles and solo fights, the game can be played the way you want – not the developers.

What’s unique about Project Genom is that players don’t have to follow a set path to end game content. You are the master of your own destiny in Project Genom.



Revival is a darker MMORPG that takes aim to be different than the competition. Players all have a role in their own adventure. Much like Genom, Revival doesn’t have a structured leveling system or way that players need to progress.

Players get to choose their own path to greatness, but they must not meddle with the affairs of the gods if they want to prevail.

Revival also attempts to drop the tank, healer and DPS roles, allowing players to choose their own path. A great knight can learn the art of arcane magic if they wish.

gloria victis

3.Gloria Victis

A low fantasy game with a focus on realism. Players will engage in open PvP battles with territory control. This is where the times of old come to life as players won’t be delving into magic, but they will be sharpening their blades, hoping to kill their foes.

Gloria Victis attempts to bring Skyrim into an MMORPG.

Players can craft, choose religions and fight to win their own territory. This is the ideal choice for any fan of medieval warfare.



A PC sandbox MMO. SkySaga won’t be winning users over visually with a rather pixelated environment, but the game will appeal to anyone that is fond of Minecraft. This cartoon-esque game is true to the adventure games people love and leaves realism behind – which is nice for a change.

Players will be able to play in teams or alone as they go into portals and never enter the same world twice.

You can choose to shape your own home island, participate in dungeons and even enjoy PvP while you’re at it. SkySaga focuses on you, the player, and doesn’t force you to follow a streamlined path during gameplay.

nothing too dark

5.Nothing Too Dark

A truly stunning game that caught the attention of Steam Greenlight. Nothing Too Dark is a battle, action game with great visuals and 6 races divided into two realms. The game already has 2,000 quests, and there are 31 instant dungeons available to play.

Fast-moving, there is no targeting as you slice through your foes.

There is even the Phantom Cube where all of the monsters from instant dungeons can spawn and will need to be killed by you. It’s a fun game with the best visuals on this entire list. The interface is similar to WoW, but it includes far more versatility in the way you play the game.

Nothing Too Dark is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

tartaros online

6.Tartaros Online

Peace and prosperity is the goal of all humans in Tartaros. After a secret meeting of the world’s kings (setup by 5 mighty sorcerers), gods that have been abandoned agreed to help humanity. But the gods knew that war and an epic battle would commence.

Humans and abandoned gods fought the supreme gods in an attempt to gain independence and freedom.

The mighty gods rose up and banished all those that opposed them behind a seal called “Tartaros.” Through a secret passage, humans are attempting to take down the gods that have banished the world into slavery.

world of fishing

7.World of Fishing

Fishing and gaming – a true test of glory. This 3D fishing simulation has character development, quests, gear and equipment that normal MMORPGs contain. The main draw of the game is that fishing is the epicenter of the world, and casual and hardcore players can play without too much of a player gap.

There are over 360 species of fish across the world, and you can play with friends or challenge them. Guilds and rankings exist in the game as well as stunning visuals.

Determining Which Game to Choose

So, there are all of these games. Now, what?

Unless a publisher is a big-name, there is never 100% certainty on a game’s potential. What we recommend is to test the games out for yourself and look for ways that you could potentially monetize each one.

Some ways may include:

  • Selling currency
  • Selling accounts
  • Selling in-game items
  • Leveling services

These are the big 4 and can correlate with almost any MMO that hits the market. Another way to tell if a game is attracting a fan base is to go to the game’s website and look at the forums. When the forums are filled with chatter, you will want to dig deeper and look at the game’s social media pages. You will also want to search for any news about the game.

When a game’s Alpha or Beta stages are filled with good reviews, this can lead to a game that will be popular. You’ll also be able to judge when a game will be bad by looking at Alpha reviews.

While not all of these games will be big hits, you only need a fairly small user base to find profitability. As long as there are players playing a game, you’ll find an opportunity to begin selling in-game items and currency to make money. In the very least, you’ll find a few good games that you could play for fun.

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