50 items you never knew existed and decommissioned from World of Warcraft

50 items you never knew existed and decommissioned from World of Warcraft

Ever found yourself needing that extra bit of gold in the midst of forging your way through Azeroth? Or struggled to find that one specific item that you need to finish a quest, or to show off next to everybody else?

Welcome to Gamer 2 Gamer Marketplace – the hub for all of your World of Warcraft needs.


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It doesn’t stop with simple items and a little bit of gold influx (EU and US alike), though. Here’s the following 50, rare and decommissioned items listed below –

  1. Ashbringer: The ultra-rare two handed sword, previously owned by Highlord Mograine (of the Scarlet Crusade) – Binds when picked up, 95-117 base damage, with a speed of 3.00.
  1. Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers: A hunter’s dream – this longbow deals out 35.50 damage per second, with a base range of 71-134 damage, plus 30 Critical Strike and 19 Ranged Attack Power.
  1. Martial Sandals: Part of the Curious Visitor transmog set, these sandals boast 22 Armour, +22 Agility, +33 Stamina and substantial bonuses to Critical Strike and Haste.
  1. Competitor’s Tabard: A very rare item of attire, owning this tabard says more than any damage output or quest notoriety ever could.
  1. Atiesh, Greatstaff of The Guardian: A mage’s holy grail, this staff carries a +14 Critical Strike buff, +9 Haste, +111 Spell Power, not to mention the increase of all party members’ Critical Strike and its ability to open a portal to Karazhan.
  1. Corrupted Ashbringer: Still a two handed sword, only this time with a base damage of 103-155, +17 Critical Strike, +6 Haste and a chance to leech 132 life points from target enemy.
  1. Reins of Bengal Tiger: One of the finer mounts in game, this item is account wide, and accessible to Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Night Elves, Undead, Gnomes and Trolls.
  1. War Paint (Shirt) NOT GOOD FOR THE LADIES (NYI): What can you say? Sometimes the rarest items are the strangest.
  1. Vessel of Rebirth DEPRECATED: Necessary for the origin of a quest, this item also binds upon pick-up and is vastly unique amongst the plethora of such items that inhabit Azeroth.
  1. Foror’s Crate of Endless Resist Gear Storage: A rare, uniquely formed thirty-six slot bag. ‘The bottom of the crate is leaking. Leaking tears…’
  1. Crafty’s Pole: Binds upon pick-up, this fishing pole offers up base damage of 118-178, with an impressive speed of 49.43 damage per second. Not to mention the huge increase in fishing skill (1000) upon equipping it.

“Just holding this fishing pole makes you shiver with excitement. This is possible the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.”

  1. Alex’s Test of Beatdown Staff: This staff binds upon pick-up, with a base damage of 84-127, but the real allure comes from the +718 Intellect your character receives when they equip it.
  1. Alex’s Test Beatdown Mace: This mace binds when it’s picked up, and offers the same boost of 718 Intellect that the Alex’s Staff boasts, however it has the added benefit of being one handed.
  1. Alex’s Ring of Audacity: What is there to say about this other than its scarcity in the game? A great purchase for the collectors out there.

“Looks great. Less filling.”

  1. ALEX BUG TEST ITEM: Using this item will increase your damage done by 20 and boost your haste by 50 for fifteen seconds – requires level 50 to use.
  1. Recipe: Cowardly Flight Potion: What it says on the tin, really. This recipe will teach the player how to concoct the Cowardly Flight Potion – although it requires a high Alchemy level of 125.
  1. Deprecated Cowardly Flight Potion: The real thing itself, this potion can only stack up to five at a time and requires a level of fifteen to be consumed.
  1. Frostmourne: Two handed sword, binds when picked up but offers a staggering 170-256 base damage at a speed of 4.00. No added buffs to Intellect, Stamina or Strength but, as we all know, the wielder of this sword becomes the new Lich King.

“Hail to the king, baby!”

  1. Demon Hunter Blindfold: A simplistic but no less rare and desirable item, this simple mail headpiece offers six armour, but makes up for it in the impressive aesthetic.
  1. Flintlocke’s Blasthammer: The first of our rare firearms to make the list – Flintlocke’s Blasthammer has a base damage range of 759 – 1411, and offers +201 Agility, +302 Stamina, +138 Critical Strike and +128 Haste. How can you say no to that?
  1. Soulbound Test Gem: Binds when picked up, this gem offers +8 Agility and can be stacked to a maximum of twenty at a time.

“Matches a Red, Blue, or Yellow Socket.”

  1. Brazie’s Gnomish Pleasure Device: Maybe the less said, the better. There’s a reason some things are rare.

“If you get caught with this, I don’t know you.”

  1. Ring of Critical Testing 2: One of the rarest pieces of jewellery in the land, a ‘GM’ ring, which binds to your finger alone.
  1. Wrathful Gladiator’s Tabard: The Wrathful Gladiator’s Tabard binds upon pick up and makes a powerful statement in itself. Item level of 80.
  1. Turtle Egg (Loggerhead): This unique little item will teach you how to summon the subsequent hatched companion when it’s used.
  1. Martin’s Broken Staff: Bear in mind, that this is a broken staff, and for good reason… Those purchasing Martin’s staff can expect to see 4 – 8 base damage, at a very slow rate, but with the added incentive that the caster will commit suicide upon using it, instantly killing themselves. One very unique little rarity.
  1. Hunter 120 Epic Test Bullets: Exactly what it sounds like, these test bullets require a level 62 hunter to equip them and can stack to a maximum of 1,000 bullets at a time.
  1. Pirates Patch (Test): Another unique, rare little item of headgear, this patch gives off an armour rating of 4, and requires level 5 to be able to wield it. Some of the scarcer items are universally available to players of all levels it seems.
  1. Peeps’ Whistle: As with most rare items, this mount whistle binds upon pick up and grants the player one of the more noteworthy methods of travel and showmanship available in Azeroth. Requires a level 70 player.
  1. Thorium Greatsword: The Thorium Greatsword is a weapon of high notoriety – a showstopper, as it were. Although, practically speaking, it affords only 62-93 base damage and +22 strength upon equipping it. Also requires a level 47 player.
  1. Shard of The Defiler: This one handed dagger binds to the player, and is regarded as highly unique with its unmistaken, serpentine aesthetic. Requires a level 60 in order to equip.
  1. Onyxia Scale Breastplate: This impressive piece of armour offers practicality as well as spectacle. With 33 Armour rating, with the added +18 Agility, +12 Stamina, +16 Critical Strike, +16 Haste and +47 Bonus Armour and +7 Fire Resistance. Wearable by level 57 or higher players.
  1. Weapon of Mass Destruction (test): Given its name, it’s not difficult to derive the purpose of this rare item: once used the weapon will immediately kill the target.

“I hope you feel good about yourself, now…”

  1. Monster – Mace2H, Fist of Omokk: A two handed, fanciful mace. Its reputation precedes it.
  1. Monster – Mace 2H, Twilight’s Hammer (As 1H): The same as before, this two handed mace boasts not only its style but its renown amongst the peoples of Azeroth.
  1. Warglaive of Azzinoth (Not to be confused with regular, player obtainable Warglaives from Illidan): Three different items here –

The offhand Warglaive of Azzinoth boasts 43-81 base damage, +9 Agility, +19 Stamina, +10 Critical Strike. Available to Warriors, Rogues, Death Knights and Monks. When combined with the set – player’s melee attacks have a chance to increase Haste by 215, and increase attack by 100 when fighting Demons.

The main hand Warglaive of Azzinoth has a base damage of 67-126, with similar bonuses to Stamina, Agility and Critical Strike, as well as the Haste and damage increases.

The Twin Blades of Azzinoth a one handed weapon with base damage of 51-54, this item can detach to form the two separate warglaives, and also boasts a 1,400 attack power bonus versus Demons and 30% melee Haste.

  1. Monster – Mace 2H, Twilight’s Hammer – Similar in everything but name as the previously listed Twilight’s Hammer variation.
  1. Talisman of Binding Shard: The first necklace to be mentioned in this list so far, the Binding Shard contains buffs of +9 Strength, +3 Agility, +5 Stamina, +16 Fire Resistance, +16 Natural Resistance, and requires a level 60 player to be able to wear it.
  1. Tharbek’s Horrific Posessor: This one handed sword has an item level of 550, base damage of 201-375 (which, at its speed equates to 110.91 damage per second), plus an added +34 Strength, +51 Stamina, +26 Critical Strike and +17 Mastery. This unique weapon is dropped by Commander Tharbek and requires a level of 90. However, it is only made available to Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors.
  1. Benediction: This unique staff deals out a fairly default amount of base damage, but makes up its appeal by adding, +29 Stamina, +19 Critical Strike, +111 Spell Power, +8 Spirit and +14 Shadow Resistance. It is available only to priests and can be used to call forth Anathema (with a cool down of 30 minutes). This staff requires level 60.
  1. Reins of the Spotted Nightsaber: This particularly alluring mount is an account-wide item, made available to the races of Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Draenei, Worgen and Pandaren – as with all reins, using this item will allow you to summon the mount itself. Requires level 20.
  1. Reins of the Ancient Frostsaber: This mount, also account-wide is available to the races of: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Draenei, Worgen and Pandaren, requiring both a level 40 and Journeyman Riding before the mount can be summoned.
  1. Tigole’s Trashbringer: This two handed sword binds upon picking it up, with low damage and speed, this rare item is for the aficionado of SpongeBob, perhaps.
  1. GameMaster’s Hood: One of the most desirably rare items of clothing in the game, for obvious reasons, the GameMaster Hood is built with a whopping 2 Armour, for protecting from all of those bugs and pesky players!
  1. GameMaster’s Robe: Where would a GameMaster be without the distinctive robe to go with the hood, though? You can’t have one without the other – complete the set… Which takes us to item 46…
  1. GameMaster’s Slippers: You can’t journey around Azeroth, monitoring the activities of the world without the appropriate GameMaster footwear, which is where the cloth GM slippers come in!
  1. Enchanting Test Sword: With an item level of 500, the rarity of this one handed sword cannot be overstated, not to mention its base damage range of 126 – 236, meaning it’s practical as well as stylish.
  1. Martin Fury: Another interesting, yet brutal item of clothing here – Martin Fury is a shirt which binds upon pick up, and also causes the caster/user to kill themselves, dying instantly upon using. This rare item has 100 charges to its name.
  1. Reins of the Kor’Kron War Wolf: Another mount which boasts the versatility of account wide access, this item will teach the user how to summon the Kor’Kron War Wolf Mount, which requires level 90 and Journeyman Riding.
  1. Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal: The Resonating Crystal teaches the user to summon the Black Qiraji mount, which requires level 40 and Journeyman Riding (also account-wide access).


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Remember, however; aside from this extensive list of 50 ultra-rare, decommissioned items (which you probably didn’t even know existed!) Gamer 2 Gamer Marketplace has much, much more on offer for players to purchase for their in-game characters.

Not only rarities or gold, but simple and common matters which can make your life that much easier – so make sure to come to G2G.com for all of your World of Warcraft necessities.

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