5 Reasons Why you Should Buy a MMO account

5 Reasons Why you Should Buy a MMO account


1. Levelling is a Grind

Levelling a class for any MMO or Real Time Strategy (RTS) can take considerable time. For example a League of Legends account takes 40,084 summoner experience to reach level 30. With bot games only giving around 90 experience per game and taking up to 20 minutes that would take almost 150 hours of continuous playtime – without breaks or queue times!

Not to mention that this time is multiplied by the number of classes / champions you want to play within your account.  While the first time you level a class in any new MMO can be exciting, and it’s often something players reminisce, after reaching your first max levelled account future levelling quickly becomes a grind.

world of warcraft

2. Each New Class Multiplies Your Leveling Time

Have you ever spent countless hours’ speed levelling a new OP character only to realize that you don’t enjoy playing it? New game patches are also constantly nerfing and balancing characters and abilities which means that the character you just spent 100 hours levelling might go straight to the bottom of your play pile.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could test classes at the highest level before investing all of your precious time? Buying your account using a reputable online seller like AussyELO means within minutes you can buy a Smurf account and be playing online within minutes. You now have the advantage of being able to test classes without investing precious time or risking your primary account.


3. Levelling is Lonely

Levelling can often feel like you’ve become that old guy you always see sitting in front of the same casino slot machine, it’s just you and nobody else. Don’t forget many gamers play MMORPGs for the social experience. Occasionally you’ll find a group of friends to level new characters together but in reality this is rare.

The truth, people are busy and when they find the time to play they want to focus on their primary characters. While your friends are in high level raids grinding for high level gear you’ll still be Durotar trying to reach level 10 running boring quests.

league of legends

4. Boosting Gets Expensive

Some MMORGs provide a paid option to boost your account from level 1 to the highest level. In World of Warcraft you have to option to boost to level 100 for the small price of $60USD. There are 14 current classes in WoW. In League of Legends it costs roughly half a million IP to buy all of the champions.

If you just started playing League of Legends today, it will take you 1,916 days (or 5.2 years) if all you do is play one winning game (250 IP) a day. When you buy accounts with existing IP it means you can buy the champions you’re most interested in and enjoy playing the game rather than spending precious time, money or a combination of the two.


5. Playing with Friends in Other Regions

When it comes to MMOs most accounts are restricted to a region. If you want to play with your friends in other regions it means that you can’t unless you pay for a transfer of your character.

If you choose to create a new character in that region it means you have go back to step 1 and begin that horrible grind again and by that time your friend has probably left to play another game.

Buying a Smurf account provides you with the benefit of having an additional account at max level which you use for playing with friends in regions that aren’t your primary.

Editor’s Note: This article is originally written by AussyELO.

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  1. Jay June 26, 2016

    Very nice article. I often buy my game accounts due to not having the time to invest in leveling. I only ever level an account myself if it’s my first time playing the game, if I want to play with friends or try something new I’ll buy instead of doing the tedious grind.

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