5 Reasons to Buy a Game Account

5 Reasons to Buy a Game Account

Starting a game in 2015 is a lot different than it was in 1999. Now, you have the ability to buy games that are developed in the MMORPG genre. You connect with the world, and accounts are much different than they were in the past.

Many of these games are impossible to beat – they keep expanding and growing with new expansions.

While many people view buying a game account as “cheating,” I view it as a smart investment in your gaming endeavors. This isn’t just another account that will only last for 20 hours of gameplay. I know people that have spent 300+ days of pure game time in World of Warcraft. If you’re just starting out a fresh account, it’s going to be very difficult to experience all of the game’s content and level from 0 to 100.

And with Legion is right around the corner, leveling becomes even more tedious.

I’m going to discuss a few ways you can skip the grind, and the reasons why I choose to buy game accounts.

world of warcraft grinding

1. Skip the Grind: Leveling is Boring

I will admit, it depends on the game whether leveling is boring or not. I personally love the storyline that Final Fantasy XVI offers, but World of Warcraft leveling is simply not up my alley.

It’s redundant, and boring. Not to mention that it doesn’t make sense sometimes. You go on a quest to kill boars and gather their livers. But apparently every boar in the game has been mutated, and none of them have livers. So, you’re forced to kill a whole species before you get the required amounts to finish the quest.

For a casual player, it could take months for you to level – it’s very time-consuming.

Final Fantasy XIV

2. Professions Also Exist

Okay, maybe you don’t mind the quests and lore of the game, and you’ll play casually until you reach maximum level. The months that you waste in the process aren’t much of a concern for you, but you also need to consider that you need to level professions.

Take a look at World of Warcraft. You could level:

  • 2 main professions
  • Cooking
  • First Aid
  • Fishing

It’s beyond tedious, and you’ll need thousands of materials before you reach max level. Many of these professions are a necessity if you plan on raiding and getting into end-game content. This means that you’ll need to level these professions, adding weeks of game time (at least) until you’re “prepared” in terms of professions.

guild wars 2

3. Gearing for Content

There’s a reason why people will pay so much money for accounts: gear. You may have to run the same raid dozens of times to get the best-in-slot gear. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll win the roll for the gear.

Since expansions all have tier levels, you’ll also need to have the previous level tier if you hope to be able to produce good DPS or HPS in a raid.

I forgot to mention that players can be vicious, and you need to be able to hold your own in raids. The only way that you can do this is by getting the best gear in the game. You’ll need a decked out character if you hope to play in any end game content no matter what game you’re playing.

Yes, you can get much of this gear on your own. But it takes a lot of time and dedication.

Game accounts allow you to get in on the action quickly and effortlessly while also allowing you to enjoy the social environment that an MMORPG offers. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing Rift, GW2, WoW or FF XIV – you need good gear to reach end game content.

Why not get it for a small price when buying an account?

Final Fantasy XIV

4. Get Straight to the Action

You’re hearing how people are playing a certain raid or dungeon, and you don’t want to miss out on the excitement. When you buy an account, you absolutely get what you pay for. You could buy an account that suits your needs, such as:

  • Accounts filled with gold
  • Accounts that have reached certain achievements
  • Accounts that have rare gear
  • Accounts that are completely decked out with the best items

And there are a lot of accounts that you could find for any game you wish.

No matter the game you choose, there are accounts that are available for sale. You want a decked out character, one that has good gear and instant access to end game content. You’ll have a huge advantage over other players that are still stuck farming for gear, while you’re already dominating in the latest raids and dungeons.

dota 2

5. Extra Goodies

There are some items, achievements and vanity items that you simply cannot get in game any longer. An example of this would be items that were given away during:

  • Special events
  • Seasonally
  • Items have been removed from dungeons or raids
  • Blizzcon items
  • Achievements that are no longer available
  • Mounts that are no longer available
  • Titles that are no longer available

Some of these items are simply a great investment. If you have an account that has the original Blizzcon polar bear or a Blizzcon pet in World of Warcraft, it will be worth a lot of money. The same goes for any player versus player titles. Anyone that has dominated in arena and has achieved top 3 ratings will be rewarded with a mount and a title.

These accounts are very expensive, but they come with the utmost prestige.

You’ll find accounts in a variety of different ranges. On the low end, you can purchase accounts with one or several high level characters for $100 – $150 – or less depending on the game. This is a small investment for you to begin the game with the ability to enter into end game content quickly and easily.

If you want to spend a little more, you can gain access to accounts that have maximum level characters across a range of servers or realms. Many of these accounts have characters that are decked out, and come with the best gear.

I almost forgot to mention that you’ll be buying an account that has the latest expansion – saving you money in the process.

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