5 Online Games That Players Invest Heavily On Virtual Items

5 Online Games That Players Invest Heavily On Virtual Items

People wish they could make money gaming – even older players. No one wants to sit in a warehouse or office for hours on end not having fun. What many of these people don’t know is that there are many gamers making passive income by selling virtual items.

And those that scale up their operations can earn a full-time income.

Selling virtual items can also include:

  • Currency or gold
  • Virtual items (armor, weapons, mounts, etc.)
  • Boosting services (leveling, PvP, achievement completions, etc.)
  • Selling game accounts

We know that mobile games are killing it. Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are just two games that are making people money hand over fist, but we’re not going to be focusing on the mobile genre. If there is one thing that we know about mobile games, it’s that it always takes a significant amount of money to get started selling items.

So, we’re going to focus on online games. You know, the games that have articles and news reports of people selling the “most expensive virtual items” for crazy money. A few examples include:

  • $1,680 for a blue party hat in Runescape
  • $3,500 for the Manticore crossbow in Diablo 3
  • $9,000 for Zeuzo’s Level 70 Rogue
  • $9,000 for the Revenant Super Carrier in Eve Online
  • $14,000 for the Echoing Fury Mace in Diablo 3
  • $38,000 for the Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog in Dota 2

And the most expensive items ever include $330,000 for the Crystal Palace in Entropia Universe as well as $635,000 for Club Neverdie in Entropia Universe.

You will have a difficult time finding a virtual item selling for these massive amounts, but these five games are helping people swell their bank accounts to this day.

entropia universe

1. Entropia Universe

Entropia is an enigma in the gaming world. Players, rich players, spend a few hundred thousand dollars for virtual items in the game. This isn’t even an exaggeration. Some players even spend millions for their own virtual planet.

A few of the items, aside from the two listed above, that have sold for massive amounts in Entropia Universe, include:

  • $150,000 for Monria
  • $99,000 for a banking license

Just check out these figures.

We’re talking massive money for these in-game items or worlds. The funny part is that many buyers are groups of investors.

But nothing beats the sale of Planet Calypso in 2011. The entire virtual planet sold for $6 million USD.

eve online

2. Eve Online

Eve Online is an epic space, enthralling game. For whatever reason, it seems that space-related games attract money like you wouldn’t believe. If you thought that dying and having to run back to your character in World of Warcraft was a bummer, try engaging in an epic space battle in Eve Online.

One such battle took place that resulted in the loss of $300,000 – $500,000, according to estimates.

The biggest casualties in the battle were “Titan” space-ships that have an asking price of $3,000 – $3,500 each.

Keep in mind that the exchange rates vary in Eve, so that is why there is such a wide range of prices (lows and highs). In either case, with that amount of cash, you could buy a beautiful home in most parts of the world.


3. Counterstrike Global Offensive

If space games aren’t your thing – don’t feel bad, there are a lot of other games with virtual items that fetch high prices. Counterstrike Global Offensive is one game that players seemingly can’t get enough of.

You can sell weapon skins for anywhere from a few cents to a few thousand dollars.

The skin prices fluctuate based on the rarity of the skin. Skins also have a condition, and this will also reflect in the overall price of the skin.

How much can skins really fetch?

A lot. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • $1,050 for the Bayonet Doppler
  • $3,200 for the StatTrek M9 Bayonet Doppler

Remember that the Steam Market has a cap on the price of listed items, so many players are selling items on third-party sites.

dota 2

4. Dota 2

Dota 2 has taken the world of gaming by storm. Official tournaments take place, such as the International Compendium, which attract millions of people. The current prize pool is $18 million. You read that right: six zeros.

Several items are selling on the Community Market for $400+.

But this is just scratching the surface of the top 5 most outrageous Dota items ever sold. A few of the highest priced items ever sold in the game, include:

  • $38,000 for the Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog
  • $13,000 for the Golden Baby Roshan
  • $6,000 – $12,000 for the High End Legacy Couriers
  • $2,000 – $3,000 for the Platinum Baby Roshan
  • $1,600 – $2,000 for the WETA and Alpine Set

Imagine making $38,000 for a virtual item – insane.

world of warcraft

5. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been around for 12 years. The world opened in 2004, and many people earned a ton of money in the game. WoW really put RMT (real money trade) on the map. It really wasn’t before World of Warcraft that people starting spending these massive amounts of money on in-game items.

I remember playing WoW for the first time, running into bandits near Stormwind and thinking that the game was out of this world.

And I eventually lost chunks of my life immersed in the game. It’s players like me that still allow WoW to thrive, and the demand for game accounts, virtual items and gold in World of Warcraft is still going.

You’ll find that people are still willing to plunk down money for services, items and currency.

How much money is gold farming really worth?

Billions. This was a figure provided by the World Bank in 2011. The bank analyzed the virtual world economy and determined that in 2009, over $3 billion was paid to gold farmers and service sellers in poor countries alone.

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    Christmas Cracker Runescape Classic, Released in the 2001 Christmas event players could pick up christmas crackers. These were “pulled” this another player, and one of the 2 would receive a random color of 6 party hats. Once the cracker is used with the other player it dissolves and is eliminated from the game. Few Christmas Crackers are known in existence, the last sell was for $600.

    Party hats Runescape Classic: These wearable crowns came out of the aforementioned Christmas Crackers. Many of these hats were lost through the years do to player bans, and in game deaths. Highly sought after for players to look like a king or queen, combined with rarity puts the sell price of the Partyhats as follows. Pink $200, Blue $120, Green $100, White $95, Red $80, Yellow $75

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