30 useful tricks for TERA Online

30 useful tricks for TERA Online

If you are brand-new to TERA Online but want to make sure that you hit the ground running, you’re going to want to pay close attention to all of the 30 useful tricks for TERA Online we have for you.

Easily one of the most exciting MMORPG titles to come out in years, TERA Online can be more than a little bit daunting at first – just because new players start off so far behind those that have been playing for a few weeks, a few months, or even a year or more.

And we are not just talking about game mechanics, either.

Yes, it’s going to take you a little bit of time to get your bearings about how to best interact with the amazing digital universe that TERA Online enjoys, but that’s something that you’ll be able to pick up just playing the game – experimenting, pushing the boundaries, and doing a bit of exploration all on your own.

No, we are not talking about the handful of things that you’re going to want to know as a new player that will allow you to interact with the actual game itself more easily – we’re talking instead about those “tips and tricks” that will get you up to the higher levels in the player community just as quickly as humanly possible.


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Do you really need these tips and tricks?

Well, it really all depends on what kind of player you’re hoping to become.

On the one hand, these are the kinds of tips and tricks that will give you every edge and advantage (legitimate edge and advantage, at that) to create the kind of character that you want to roll with in this MMORPG – and give you the ability to speed up that creation process so that you can spend more time playing than grinding.

On the other hand, maybe you’re someone that just wants to kind of kick back, relax, and mess around a little bit in the landscape of TERA Online.

If that’s the case, these tips and tricks will still be useful – especially if you’re looking to learn how to farm a bit of gold!

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Where did we come up with all of these tips and tricks?

Well, after hours and hours of playing TERA Online, you just kind of naturally develop a feel for the game – but there is also a number of contributors that have helped us really hone all of these tips and provide them to you so that you can get more out of the game than you were before.

None of those influences, however, were larger than GamezTown and his YouTube video blog. If you’re looking for a video walk-through to really help you take things to the next level in TERA Online, you’re going to want to check out all of the resources that he provides.

There were definitely other people that helped us to establish all of these tips and tricks, but he really took things to an entirely different level and made sure that newbies understand how to get the most out of their initial few hours in this digital world.


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What if I just want to play?

Paying close attention to these 30 tips and tricks isn’t going to take away from your sense of exploration in any way, shape, or form – in fact, it’s probably going to supplement your exploration of this amazing game and give you a deeper appreciation for everything that it brings to the table.

For instance, everyone that’s ever played an MMORPG understands that there is a bit of “grinding” necessary to build up your skills, build up your character, and build up your bank account.

At the same time, everyone knows that there are griefers and gankers out there that are going to be looking to make your life (especially as a new player) a living hell – for a variety of different reasons –but these tips and tricks should be able to help you avoid a lot of that headache and hassle.

Sure, they might not save you from the Reds every time they come on screen, but you’re going to have every chance and opportunity to avoid those catastrophic issues early on if you pay attention to the details we have for you below.


Getting your hands on a ton of gold

A lot of these tips and tricks are also designed to help you farm a ton of gold just as quickly as possible in TERA Online, so that you can get your hands on gear and equipment that you need to go toe to toe with more powerful players.

MMORPGs all over the world have always been focused on a tiered style gear structure, with new players starting off with basically useless equipment and more veteran players getting access to powerhouse weapons, armor, and other equipment that allows them to cause more than a little bit of chaos.

The reason that there is such a discrepancy between the equipment been new players have and the equipment that veteran players have comes down to bank account balances – veteran players have been around longer, have built up nest eggs, and have already splurged at least some of their gold on that killer gear.

Well, you’re going to be able to do the exact same thing when you know exactly how to farm a boatload of money in a hurry – and some of these tips and tricks are going to give you insider secrets to help you do exactly that!

Imagine what your time in TERA Online would be like if you knew the end a shadow of a doubt that you wouldn’t have to worry about gold anymore, and that you’d be able to purchase all of the weapons, armor, and equipment you need to do a bit of player revenge killing on your own – all while building up your skills and exploring the digital landscape that TERA Online has to offer.

You also could convert your hard-earned gold for income by trading it away to other players and reward yourself with TERA Online Elite Status for an added benefits to your current gameplaying.


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This ridiculously useful to new, current players and even gold farmers who are playing TERA Online at present.

If that sounds like something that you’re interested in, check out the 30 tips and tricks from Gameztown to help you get the most out of TERA Online below!

1. Auto-sort your items in the inventory.

2. Hide all the UI and capture a nice screenshot of your character by pressing CTRL + Z.

3. Hold down your loot key to pick up all the loots instead of spamming it.

4. Use the arrow keys to pan the camera away from your character when capturing screenshots or to navigate through tricky hallways.

5. Your character will never die from fall damage.

6. To save up bank and inventory space, store crystals in your weapons.

7. Red circle is visible beneath your character when a boss has agro on you and a purple circle when it’s about to cast something on you.

8. Gain more mineral nodes and prevent getting ganked by other players by moving to low density servers. Grinding and leveling up is much easier too.

9. Re-assign your keyboard key for jump. The Chain-skill default is set to SPACEBAR instead of jump.

10. Keep crystals with you at all times. You will have a chance to lose an Enhancement Crystal attached to your weapons or armor when your character dies.

11. Clerics of restoration is the cheapest way to restore your stamina fast.

12. Program quick chats which are very handy in group play.

13. Control left clicking a point on the map will create a point of interest for other players.

14. Instead of using a town portal scroll, use the unstuck feature to teleport back to town.

15. Add existing command lines like /invite into the quick menu.

16. To view your character cooldowns, at the menu, just enable “show your own colldowns”.

17. To see what other players are casting, just enable ” show play skill” at the menu.

18. Customize the chat channels by right clicking on the chat tab.

19. Earn 2 gold at level 11 by selling off your pre-ordered horse from the quest.

20. Use the LFG tool to seek out for groups instead from the messy chat channel.

21. Save time by using teleport masters to travel around.

22. At high levels, it make sense to farm stamina potion from low levels BAMs.

23. Add items to the Broker search by holding CTRL + left click. Bring up the price and quantity window by right clicking on the item. SHIFT + right click on a stack to adjust the amount of items you wish to sell and to set both the price and quantity as well.

24. Use the Common Enigmatic Scrolls from merchants to re-roll the extra stats on an item.

25. If you dislike dungeons or raids, storyline quest rewards provides decent gears for you to level up.

26. Switch easily between attack or defense builds with the equipment switch button.

27. The page up and page down key can also be used to roll on a loot or to pass.

28. At level 50 and after maxing out gathering skills to 300, you will gain extra 2 inventory slots.

29. Provide your character waypoint to other players by using this command /location.

30. To preview items on your character, CTRL + right click on the item will display them. You can also preview multiple pieces.

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