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Share Links and Make Money!
Create your affiliate links for G2G products and promote them. Get paid for every successful transaction!
What is G2G Affiliate Program?
G2G Affiliate is a program which allows you to earn commissions every time a G2G product is sold through your affiliate link.
Create your own affiliate links (reflinks) to products on G2G and share them with your friends or post them on your social media. You will profit from each transaction made through your affiliate links! It really is that easy!
What are the benefits?
Sign up for G2G Affiliate Program and enjoy these benefits.
Competitive commission
Get 20% of every transaction`s net profit through your reflinks as a commission
Easy withdrawal process
200+ payment methods are available. You can withdraw your earnings directly
Your earning won't expire
You can withdraw or use them anytime you want!
Simple requirement
You only need to register with G2G and maintain active social media accounts
What makes G2G Affiliate Program special?
G2G has more than one million exclusive offers available for purchase, sale, and discover.
Visit our marketplace
G2G values customer happiness, quality, convenience & efficiency, integrity, and passion
G2G offers competitive prices for buyers and low fees for sellers
200++ payment methods from 18 currencies are available
All payment methods
How to get your G2G Affiliate Commission in 4 simple steps
Login or register
Go to and create or log in to your G2G account.
Create your links
Find the most suitable product for you and create your own links to the products.
Share your links!
Share them with your family, friends, gaming community, etc. Or you may also share then on your social media.
Track your performance
With G2G Affiliate Program, you get access to a dashboard that contains all data you need to track your performance.
See how our referrers have performed. You can do this too!
Total members
Total commissions
Top 1 referrer
94,504.18 USD
Top 2 referrer
75,143.08 USD
Top 3 referrer
26,490.59 USD
Sign up today and start earning money!
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